Agency: an exploration of Rorschach

How much can one person influence the world?
What impact lasts in this impossibly large world, through time?
Some leave a positive one.
And some leave a negative one.

But most leave none at all.

One might see Kovacs' mother in these blots. An abusive prostitute that constantly beat Kovacs, her treatment irreparably changed him. Kovacs unique perspective was borne from the steady beatings that reduced the world to good and bad, black and white.

Kovacs lost innocence with every beating.



A breaking point

When kids teased him over his mother, Kovacs partially blinded one, leading to an investigation of his abusive home-life. This led to him being put into care, where he lived until age sixteen, when he went to work in the garment industry.

-Kovacs' sole response to his mother's death.

Kovacs found his pattern in a dress.
In the dress's owner, he found a cause.

Despite the discovery of this alter-ego, Rorschach remained little more than a costume for Kovacs.

Before Rorschach could truly be Rorschach, something else had to break.

Not many know the true extent of Rorschach's darkness.

Most lack the capacity to see it.

Some possess the ability to see into his psyche.

But sometimes...

A gift is a curse.

With that strike, everything changed.

From that moment, Rorschach hid in the costume of Kovacs by day, and lived in the freedom of his true identity at night.

The butchering gave Rorschach a new outlook on life, a complete lack of faith that served as the foundation for the utter conviction he possessed in his actions.

He peered into the abyss of the human condition and saw that the only thing that mattered were people's actions.

The ultimate meaning of his life came from this newfound clarity, namely the policing of others.

There is no God, no greater purpose, no higher meaning. It's really quite simple.

Rorschach chose to take action.

Rorschach chose to have an impact.

Rorschach chose to leave a legacy.

Rorschach derived his meaning from his choices. He thought he could change the world, one criminal at a time. He thought he could save New York.

Some of the choices Rorschach made mattered.

Some didn't

Ultimately his choices left him as little more than a red speck

In a world that has seen everything...




And everything in between.

No matter what goes on, clock just keeps ticking.

And ticking...

And ticking...

Until time relegates people to little more than fleck

In a universe, of black nothingness

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