Augusto Pinochet Latin American Project

Augusto Pinochet was born in Chile, November 25, 1915 and died December 10, 2006. He was a Military leader that overthrew the government of Chile and became a dictator. He was cruel and tortured his opponents. One of Pinochet's goals was to get rid of extreme leftism in Chile. He remained in office until March 11, 1990, when the new president was elected.
Pinochet remained as commander of the arm forces until 1998 when he became a senator for life; however, while visiting London, Spain requested that he'd be investigated for the torture of Spanish citizens in Chile. This investigation brought worldwide attention to the atrocities committed during his reign. Two rears later, in January in 2000 he returned home after a British court ruling that he was not physically able to stand trial.

Later in 1998, Pinochet was ordered to stand trial in charges of abusing human rights. In 2002, these charges were dropped when a ruling determined that he was not fully capable of defending himself. In 2004, he was declared fit to stand for trial in charges of torture and illegal financial dealings as well as killing at least 119 people who opposed his dictatorship. He died the following year without ever standing trial.

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