OFF AGAIN Francis wilson

I am returning to the densely populated, culturally rich, commonly misunderstood country in the east: China.

Here's A Glimpse...

I'm Francis Wilson, and this is my story.


I'm trying to gain back my Beijing State of Mind.

Breakfast tea at the famous BookWorm Cafe.
Hopes and dreams hang above the silent alleyway.
Humble little eatery. (Look closer.)
The cleanest air I breathed all day was in this elevator.



1. Brainstorming.

Just another day of thinking at Project Pengyou HQ.

2. Eating.

3. Comedy.

US-China Comedy Center & Beijing Improv team up to perform an improv musical.


The break of Morning in Beijing. My first sunrise in Beijing in a long time.
At The Project Pengyou Courtyard, home of the nonprofit's HQ.

After 3 filling meals, a day at Project Pengyou headquarters, and a meet up with my WKU academic director, it's time to turn in for the night.


14 hours sitting in a metal tube 34,000 feet above the Pacific.


I've got my socks on and I'm ready to go.
And I'm Off! See you tomorrow, China.


/wahn-ahn bay-jing/

Goodnight, Beijing.

Created By
Francis Wilson



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