KTCW by:Ava McNab # keep trophy club wild

Dear Mrs. Mitchell's class,

This is a bluebonnet# our native plant

Do you like Native plants or animals such as the Bluebonnet and Coyotes?Well if you do then donate money to save them and their envirement or you can plant certain native plants along the trails to save them.

These are kangaroos

You should donate money to keep trophy club wild because, well 1st of all do you like to play on parks, hike or camp out on trails well keep trophy club wild can help and extend parks for more playing and they can extend trails for more hiking and camping out, 2nd of all, do you like clean,fresh, and healthy water well keep trophy club wild can help with that by setting up cleaning days because sometimes they unexpectidly find dirty diapers in the water that take about 2,000 years to dezolve, 3rd of all keep trophy club wild educates young learners like you and me.Last but not least do you like animals well keep trophy club wild, from the donations you give can save animals and plants that might be in great danger.

This is a bobcat creeping through the grass probably looking for it's prey.

{ }Now that you know what the donations go twards I hope you can donate to be a hero and go save lifes.

These are lions.
This is a gorilla climbing up a tree
This is a gorilla chilling on a rock that is most comfortable to him.
This is a sly sneaky little fox creeping through the woods.
This is a doe that apparently is not liking the someone tagging along with her.
This is a incredibly ferocious looking cheetah that in my opinion you should never get near#ever.
OK. This cheetah looks a little more relaxed.
In my opinion this tiger could easily be able to lick right my chops right off.#scared for life
O.k. now this is a moment that you should call adorable.,right here right now
This is the best moment ever # poly wants a cracker
Where's my nuts


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