A Few of our Favorite Things How do you dress for yourself?

Accentuating What we Love

Loving yourself and your body is important- and everyone is different

This is why I decided to explore the people around me and see how they dress themselves according to what they love about their bodies

Embracing what you have is an important part of fashion!

Loving Yourself

Being able to see how individuals respect and dress for their bodies is enlightening

Despite the success of the fashion industry, it is often bombarded with images of strictly skinny women and muscular men

This is an unachievable standard for virtually every other person in the world

Disregarding the media standards and dressing for your body is a great step in the journey to loving yourself!

Instagram- @reggioemiliastudents


what do the students of usac reggio emilia love about themselves?


Leggings: Target ($10) Top: Forever 21 ($9) Shoes: Foot Locker ($75)
"I love to be active, so I'm very proud of my legs! I like to wear things that I can exercise in and make me look and feel good!!" -Mickey


Shorts: Kohl's ($20) Shoes: Kohl's ($40)
"The ladies love a good set of locks, so I try to keep mine fresh and ready to impress. If they're happy, I'm happy" -Noah


Top: Forever 21 ($25) Jacket: Forever 21 ($40) Pants: H&M ($20) Shoes: H&M ($30)
"My eyes are my favorite part of myself! They're dark and my favorite color is black, so it all goes very well together!" -Hilary


Top: Forever 21 ($20) Jacket: H&M ($20) Pants: Australia ($35) Shoes: DSW ($40)
"I like my waist which means I can wear pretty much anything and feel great about it!" -Alanna


Top: Target ($15) Jacket: Forever 21 ($45) Pants: Old Navy ($20) Shoes: Kohl's ($45)
"Laughing is my favorite thing to do so I need to make sure my pearly whites are in tip-top shape at all times- the rest just comes naturally!" -Lizzy


Top: Forever 21 ($30) Jacket: Kohl's ($45) Pants: China ($20) Shoes: Forever 21 ($40)
"I like my neck because it's the best way for people to tell that I'm not fat because my neck isn't fat" -Celeste


Top: H&M ($15) Jacket: Old Navy ($30) Pants: H&M ($40) Shoes: H&M ($19)
" I need my hands to play the piano so they're definitely the most important and my favorite part of my body" -Corri


Top: Target ($17) Jacket: Target ($30) Pants: H&M ($24) Shoes: market ($15)
"My booty can look good in anything. It's for sure my best asset" -Tayler


Top: Pimkie ($20) Leggings: H&M ($10) Shoes: DSW ($29)
"My favorite part of my body is my thighs because they're strong but are still a good size and they don't look weird" -Jacklyn


Top: Forever 21 ($23) Flannel: Kohl's ($30) Pants: Kohl's ($25) Shoes: Birkenstock ($130)
"I don't think my arms are oddly shaped or look weird so I they're my favorite part of my body!" -Raye

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