Olympics are the olympics more than just sports?

The Olympics are a great way to show off your athletics. Some people say it is all about sports and some say it is about bringing people together and having respect to everyone around you that is watching and playing the sports. I think that it is all about respect and bringing people together.

Olympic sports first started in Greece. The first Olympic games rules were very different. It said in SQ 2 that only free males could enter and participate in the games. Also in SQ 1 It it said that it was mostly to honor the Greek god, Zeus. The God that started the games.

The Olympics are about, respect, friendship good sportsmanship and many other things

The Olympics are more than just sports. It is about, respect, friendship and good sportsmanship. But when the Olympics first started, the people who were in the competition, the would steel, cheat and even kill to when (SQ 1-3)

Its all about bringing people coming together to unite athletes and other people from all around the world.

Its all about bringing people, coming together to unite athletes and other people from all around the world IN the present day .
It IS NOT all about winning.
It is about friendship!
It is about courage

And good sportsmanship


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