Women in World War One and World War Two By Lucy Ralphs


Woman in WWI did so much for the men kids and other woman during the war. Not only did they care for their own children but they helped other mothers. When woman weren't working at home they were usually sent to war scenes as nurses to help the soldiers. Being a woman in WWI was like having a full time job but never getting payed. Being a woman in WWI would be very challenging.


Woman in WWII worked just as hard as woman in WWI. They were either in the war as soldiers or put in war zones for nursing purposes. They were either wiping up another soldiers blood or their own. Most of the woman that stayed back home with the children were younger ranging from 12-20. Since most of the adults were gone at war a lot of the older sisters took care of the families. Their main priority was to keep there sibling alive than themselves. Woman in WWII worked very hard and made sacrifices to keep there family and other families alive and well.

Woman in WWI and WWII are very similar. They both were motivated enough to take care of there family and take care of things around their homes. One of the biggest differences is that in WWI woman were aloud to go to war because of discrimination and in WWII woman were aloud to be in the war. In both wars woman served as nurses. They worked extremely hard and were determined to help their families.


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