Florida Museum of Natural History Shannon Rieger


On Tuesday January 24th I ventured to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Here I was able to learn more about nature as a whole. Specifically, I learned about how nature can be related to ethics and the human spirit as well as how it can be displayed in a beautiful and effective way. The museum was overall an enriching experience that taught me more about not only nature but also ethics and life.

Nature on Display

The one exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History that I found to be the most beautiful and intriguing was the butterfly garden. This exhibit captured my attention because it made me feel as though I was actually immersed in a truly natural setting, such as a rain forest. Because the exhibit was so natural feeling and looking, it enabled me to learn about the way butterflies behave in their natural setting. I found this experience at the museum so enjoyable because I was able to feel as if I was in nature as well as got to experience seeing beautiful butterflies in their natural setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant colors of the butterflies and the way they would fly to any spot and land so peacefully.

Nature and Ethics

One of the many things that the Natural History Museum showed me about nature was the importance of caring about and conserving it. Wandering through the museum, specifically the aquatic exhibit, made me realize how unique and beautiful aspects of wildlife are and me feel like the world as a whole should do more to conserve and protect nature. Not only did I react this way seeing the aquatic exhibit, but also many visitors were also enthralled in the exhibit and showed interest in learning more about nature and ways to preserve it. This aquatic exhibit enabled me and other visitors to connect with nature by making it seem as if we were fully immersed underwater as well as by providing information about the wildlife and the ways it needs to be protected. One aspect the exhibit focused on was coral reefs and how they are currently endangered due to human activity. The feelings that this aquatic exhibit evoked made me realize more about the ethical duties I have regarding nature and the importance of needing to protect it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum enabled me to better connect with nature and the human spirit by letting me step outside my life and into another. The Natural History museum allowed me to see how life would be as a Calusa Native American. Through this experience I was able to see how the Calusa tribe used and connected to nature in ways that I normally do not. For example, the Calusa created earthworks, which were mounds used to show the power of their leaders and beliefs. This look into the Calusa life allowed me to not only appreciate nature more and see the wide variety of ways it can be utilized, but also allowed me to better understand who I am as a person by showing me how important I actually believe the earth to be and how important it is to me to travel and experience different cultures.

Photographs Taken By Me And Of Me Only


Photographs taken by me and of me only.

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