Imprisonment Violations By: Ember brown

Human right #9: No body has the right to arrest you, put you in a prison or force you out of your country without good reasons.

#1. Conditions violating human rights through out Pollsmoor prison.

There is one toilet for all of us … There is no privacy for those using the toilet. There is one shower but no hot water. There are about 70 people in the cell at the moment,... prisons failed to provide the inmates of Pollsmoor RDF [remand detention facility] with exercise, nutrition, accommodation, ablution facilities¨ (Hopkins).

According to human right #9, what is some of the violations that are taking place in the Pollsmoor prison gathered just from this excerpt? Select all that apply.

1). Over Crowding
2). Poor Bathroom and health conditions
3). Plenty of exercise each day

#2. Presumed innocent until proven guilty

Violations on the inmates contained in Pollsmoor prison are proven and evidence backs up that the human right from being free of arrest and exile has been violated. When a prisoner reviews on the conditions he explains that inmates, who are legally still presumed innocent, ´sleep on the floor¨ (Hopkins).

Violations of human right #9. Innocent people are put in prisons and made to sleep on the floor. These violations are not proven to get any better even after they have been evaluated by researchers.

#3. Prison Gangs and Rape Violations on Human Rights

Prison Gangs.

The prisons in southern Africa ¨suffer from high levels of violence and poor management…gangs play an integral role in perpetuating sexual violence.¨ Recently in 2006 It was observed that there was a ¨scourge of sexual violence that plagues prisons where….young inmates are especially vulnerable.¨ (Berlatsky).

Protection of innocent prisoners is scares to none inside the prisons of Pollsmoor. Violence and gangs aren´t the only thing on top of the wrongly accused and imprisoned victims of the prisons in Africa. Conditions inside the prisons are just a unfair.

Many of the innocent people inside these prisons are treated like animals and are cramped into cells with 80 other people when the cell was originally made for 19 people. Skin diseases are passes through the overcrowded prisons.


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