Notes Week 3

Week 3

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!

We are in a crucial point in our young musician's development. In order to move forward, every student must be practicing the skills we do in class at home 5 nights a week or more! Without this time, they will be unable to develop the muscles required to play with a good sound. Practice time should be around 15 minutes of playing and 15 minutes of practicing note names, positions, and holding the instrument properly with good posture. Please encourage your child to practice (refer to "Notes-week 1" newsletter for more information about practice).

If your child has not completed lessons 1, 4, and 5 in their 5 Minute Theory books, they need to complete those before next week.

Repair Tip Reminder

It is best not to try and fix any repairs on your own or let anyone besides a properly trained repair technician attempt to fix an issue on your instrument. Attempting a fix on your own could lead to further issues with the instrument that wouldn't have been there before! When in doubt, bring it to your band director so they can tell you if it needs to go to the shop.

If your child does not have their instrument and supplies, please visit a music store to take care of this soon. We don't want your child to fall behind!

Yes students, you should still be practicing your note names! The current record is 29 correct answers in 1 minute. Practice to beat this score!

Screenshot your score or take a photo and send it to Mrs. Rogers. Don't forget to include your name in the subject line!

You chose to be in the band and play an instrument—GOOD CHOICE!

Being in band was everything to me. —Alvin Law

App of the Week

On sale now!!

Unfortunately, this app is only available on Apple devices, but if you have an Apple device, this app is AWESOME!!! And it is on sale now!!!

We still need families to sign up!

Click your child's instrument button to sign up for Remind! If your child has a phone, they can sign up for the important reminders/announcements as well.

Middle School Band performs at a Lovejoy 8th grade football game

Sixth graders, you get to do cool performances like this one next year! It is a lot of fun!

Wow, you have a great band! I wish our school's band did stuff like this.

This was a quote from a parent from the opposing team. Some of the football players from the visiting team also talked to a few of our band members and said how cool it was!

We are so proud of our Lovejoy band students, they do great things!

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See you next week!

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