Utah Symbols By andrew murphy

State animal Rocky Mountain Elk

The Rocky Mountain Elk was the state animal officially in 1971. It usually eats grass or twigs.

State Emblem Beehive

It was Utah's official Emblem when Utah was a real state in 1896. The beehive has been our state emblem for over one hundred years.

The state flower is the Sego Lily

It became the state flower in March 18,1911. Between 1840 and 1851 that was the only thing pioneers could eat.

State Fruit Cherry

About two million cherries are harvested each year. Cherry trees were sent to Utah from the Japanese during World War two.

State Fish Bonneville Cutthroat trout

It wasn't the first state fish. It became the state fish in 1997.

State motto Industry

Became state motto on March 4,1959.Industry appears on the state flag and state seal.

State song This Is The Place

It was not the first song. The song was made in 1996 and made state song in 2003.

State gem Topaz

Topaz became state gem in 1969. Topaz is a very hard gem.

State vegetable Spanish Sweet Onion

Named state vegetable in 2002. They grow about 100 million pounds of them each year.

State tree Quaking Aspen

Wasn't the state tree first. Became state tree in 2014.

State flag

There has been more than one state flag before. The state flag was made in 1896.

State fossil Allosaurus

Made state fossil in 1988. The word in Latin means strange reptile and strange lizard.

State bird California Seagull

Became state bird in 1955. Two sculptured seagull statues were unveiled in 1913.

State mineral Copper

Became state mineral in 1994. Most of the copper comes from Kennecot Utah copper mine.


Created with images by skeeze - "sunset candlestick tower landscape" • AER Wilmington DE - "Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Sego Lily" • candoyi - "cherry cherries fruit" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Bonneville Cutthroat Trout" • TheHormans - "A huge topaz at the gem room in the natrual history museum" • Jenn Durfey - "Onion Macro" • Catherine Soehner - "Quaking Aspens" • aqua.mech - "Flag Of Utah" • James St. John - "Nanotyrannus lancensis theropod dinosaur (Hell Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous; Carter County, southeastern Montana, USA) 1" • K_Dafalias - "Seagull" • Arenamontanus - "Copper"

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