WWII Ethan #47 Welshan

Before WWII all countries were in a time of Depression but Germany was defanilly in Depression and depth. For being told that Germany was the cause of WWI they had to pay for all damages, because of this they had very little money. It wasn't until a man named, Adolf Hitler began to lead Germany saying he could make things great again. He was the start of WWII.
Adolf Hitler ----------------------------- Adolf Hitler came to power when he promised Germany he could make them great again. He became leader of a political party called the Nazis. In 1933, the Nazis took control of Germany and Hitler became the dictator of Germany. He put innocent people in concentration camps, most of the people were Jews because Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's problems. He also wanted a superior race with only people with blond hair and blue eyes.
Benito Mussolini----------------------- Benito Mussolini took power in Italy in 1922, he used fascist which gave him all power and the people had no freedom. In 1935 he ordered Italian troops to invade Ethiopia. He later formed a alliance with Germany and Japan, they later became known as the Axis Powers.
Hideki Tojo took power in Japan, he decieded to conquer Asia and the Pacific for resources. Japan ended up invading China, they ended up getting coal and iron there. In 1937, Japan invaded other parts of China, by the end of 1938 Japan held most of Eastern China.
Joseph Stalin took control of the Soviet Union, he was in the Axis powers but changed sides after Hitler invaded Poland. Because Hitler did this WWII began.
Francisco Franco took over Spain with help from Mussolini. He ruled Spain and got many reasources.
During the start America stayed peaceful and out of the war, they sent supplies to the Allies and cut of Japan's oil.
Conclusion, Germany was the main cause for WWII after they invaded Poland. Some dictaters were good and some were not.

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