My weekly menu By jackson martin for health class

Difference between the male and female colors intake

Depending on how active you are decides how many calories you need, say if you don't do any activity other than just thing like going to the mailbox, you're going to need less than someone who does heavy weights, and runs, and any sport really.

So say a regular kid here at SEMS was somewhat active, which most are, they could be offered a snack or have snacks set aside for after activity ensues. And have another set of snacks for the very actives after practice or something. But we'll base the lunch on inactive so no one gets too much, and more is offered if it's needed.

Your goal? Is to be in the green.


Cereal will always be a breakfast option

Monday- Pancakes, 64 calories an ounce or Cereal

Tuesday- French Toast, 178 per ounce, or cereal

Wendsday- Breakfast burrito, 305 per burrito, or cereal

Thursday- Oatmeal, 140 per packet, or cereal

Friday- Chocklate Chip Muffin, 364 per muffin, or cereal


Monday- Chicken pot pie, with mash potatoes and gravy, green beans, a roll, and a banana. Which adds up to 899 calories.

Tuesday- 5 chicken nuggets, French fries, Brocoli, and Strawberries. Which adds up to 446 calorties.

Wendsday- Hamburgers, Kettle cooked potato chips, Pickle slices, and seedless grapes, which adds up to 734 calories

Thursday- Orange chicken, Granny Smith apples, collard greens, and fried okra, which adds up to 684 calories.

Friday- Spagetti and meatballs, Garlic toast, Chef salad, and baked apples, which adds up to 786

So overall each day (for lunch and breakfast) will add up to....

  • Monday: 963 (if pancakes), or 999 (if cereal.)
  • Tuesday: 624 (if French toast) or 546 (if cereal)
  • Wendsday: 1084 (if burrito) or 834 (if cereal)
  • Thursday: 824 (if oatmeal) or 784 (if cereal)
  • Friday: 1150 (if chocolate muffin) or 886 (if cereal)

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