types of Government


  • Its usually king or queens
  • Some pros are that they could actuly be great leaders
  • Some cons are they could be power hungry and be bad leaders
  • its not that fair for the citizens
  • Restrictions the people don't have much
  • The UK uses this type of government


  • Small group of people have power
  • Pros the people could actully make good deciesions for the people
  • Cons they could also make bad ones too
  • China, North Korea use this government
  • The problem is people don't have power


  • The citizens have power to elect representatives
  • Pros people have the power
  • Cons the leaders still have a little power
  • fair yes for the people
  • restrictions the president does not have complete power
  • countries middle french


  • The government takes responsibility to produce goods
  • Its not that fair because the government takes control of your goods
  • pros government does all of the stuff for you
  • cons people think well the government is doing it all for me who cares
  • fair not really
  • restrictions people don't have much power and all there hard work gets taken away
  • countries china and denmark


  • There is no government
  • This could of happened because of a rebelian
  • or an outbreak
  • pros there is no government
  • cons there is no government


  • all the stuff is divided equally between everyone
  • pros you know you have food or money no matter what
  • cons some people think that since they get food no matter what so they don't work


  • people have the power and vote for representatives
  • pros people have power
  • cons the leaders twist what the people are voting for so they get their way
  • examples The United States
  • Fair yes for the people


  • Only one person has complete power
  • cons that person could be power hungry and make bad decisions
  • pros he could actually make good decisions
  • Fair not really
  • Who used it Germany


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