Floratine Technical Question and Answer

Q: Why can't I mix multiple Floratine products straight into a tote and then repackage as a dilute mixture?
A: There are many issues that come into play, most importantly it violates labeling regulations... additionally,

The products contain various organic compounds like sugar and amino acids that will spoil very quickly. The preservative we use is based on product concentration and diluting the products will encourage microbial growth within 60 hours.

Our chelating and complexing compounds are less effective in the dilute form and unwanted tie-ups will most likely occur soon after mixing and diluting.

You will be restricting yourself to a set dosage rate. Pre-mixing products will set the rate with no way to adjust according to differing agronomic situations.

Q: Is there a potential problem with mixing OXYFLOR with fungicides?
Tim Cartwright, Floratine Technical Director, in college
A: Yes, OXYFLOR is very reactive with micronutrients. This means that any fungicides containing Zn, Mn or CU will be disabled by the OXYFLOR. Further, the peroxide radical will also react with molecular bonds on the fungicide molecule itself. We therefore do not recommend mixing the OXYFLOR with fungicides.
Q: Is Floratine's SPIKE effective when sprayed as a foliar?
SPIKE is packed with micronutrients and Floratine's Fe+2 technology, designed to stabilize iron in its only plant usable form. SPIKE is the perfect choice for extended greening on larger areas at a great price point.
A: In short, "YES", SPIKE is effective when sprayed as a foliar. It is specifically designed for soil applications- we use complexing materials that protect the nutrients from tie-ups in the soil.
(Mind if I tie your tie, Ty?)
However, these complexing agents are not harmful to the green tissue and foliar feeding will be effective. Ultimately, the complexing agents are just not the most efficient choice for enhancing foliar uptake as SPIKE was designed for soil application over larger acreage.
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