Highrise challenge John nabors & drew odama


Objective— to accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the highrise challenge

Criteria— robot must fit in the 30 cm dimensions box to be eligible to compete

  • Scoring—
  • any color block in the scoring zone-1 pt.
  • Stacks of any like colors'
  • 1st block- 10 pts.
  • 2nd block- 20 pts
  • 3rd block- 30 pts
  • Etc....

Each member of the team must record at least 1 attempt in the challenge

Think— we think that we will build the standard claw bot. But from what we have seen we think that we will modify the claw to after we finish it. We will most likely do this by making the claw taller so that the tower we make can be taller.


Today we are going to build the clawbot IQ. We started by building the basic robot and we began to construct the claw. We did not get to test yet and will need to modify the claw.

Do- today we went from steps 1 —35 with working on the drive module from steps 1-19 and working on the drive module and steps 20-35 we were working on the shelves seen below.


Today we will finish our clawbot IQ. Yesterday we finished the main drive module and began the basics of our clawbot. Before we use it we will probably modify the claw to stack the blocks higher.

Do— today we worked on steps 35—81 on our clawbotI Q but we were stoped at sept 81 because we didn't have a piece that we needed.


Think—today we are going to attempt to finish our clawbot IQ. And then if we actually finish then we will modify our clawbot to allow it to pick up more blocks. We also will add a long beam on the bottom of our clawbot to move the blocks over to the tower.

Do— today we finished the clawbot but we failed to begin our modifications.

Test— after finishing our clawbot we ran into some problems with things like one of the axels not connecting to the motor.


Think— today we are going to test out our clawbot and work out some of the kinks that might pop up. We also will modify the clawbot by adding a long beam on the bottom to push blocks around. But this will only be after we are confident about how our clawbot works.



Think— to day we are going to test out the finished product with the beam at the bottom, and a longer arm for grabbing blocks. We will likely run into some problems to do with the weight and stability of our robot. After this we will take some time to get used to the controls of our robot.


(Drew is absent today) Think — today is the last day to make modifications, we have decided that having a beam on the bottom is only counterproductive. Due to is knocking over the towers we create.we are going to att beams on the sides to prevent the robot from falling over.

Do— today I redesigned the gear ratio to increase the speed of our claw bot. I ended up not completely finishing it so now we have very little control over our bot. And also the axels for the other gears are brushing against the wheels.


Think— today we compete with the other team's robots. I believe that we have a disadvantage considering that our axles are not long enough to prevent the other gears' axels from brushing against the wheel.


Do—today we scored 10 points making 6th place. We reverted the gear ratio to a point where we had ample control to maneuver the robot. Unfortunately the controller we were using sometimes the joysticks got stuck and we unfortunately knocked over our tower.

Front( Nolan looks super stoned)


The picture above show the design of the winning team (Presumably) of grant and Nolan. Their strategy was to simply stack one block on each of the stacks which scored them 30-32 points each round.


(Drew is absent) Today we will do our final attempt at the highrise challenge. Hopefully not

Do— today we managed to score 11 points in the highrise challenge. Unfortunately we just barely managed to not stack anothe block that would have scored us 10 extra points putting us into 5th lace


We finished in 6th place after a failed attempt. Where our robot fell over and our motors were not powerful enough to lift us back up later we redid our attempt and managed to not completely fail. Drew was absent on 2 out of the 3 days we did the challenge so I had to to all of the attempts. we eventually learned that if given only small amounts of time the best modification to make might just be none.


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