Computer Technician by: james sims

Nature of work

Despite varying circumstances the usually consistent part of the job is that the individual would be correcting computer hardware issues that occur among the work environment. This would also include user errors.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement

Most reasonable employers just need to see experience and some type of proof that would indicate your knowledge about I.T. That mainly would be an A+ certification.Some fancies might want a degree,but that is just a fancier title since it only takes a class to get the recognition.


The conditions vary since this individual would be in presence of anyplace that has computers or tech.

Job Outlook

Nearby schools and office buildings are sure to take in help that is needed.

Projections Data

What are the projections percentages for employment in this area?

22 percent increase in next 3 years


It really depends on the place you’re working for and how desperate they need an I.T. person or team.However it could reach six figures.

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