Back-to-School Events 5 Tried & True Ideas for Your Parent Group!

A new school year has officially begun and many parent groups are coming up with fun and creative ways to welcome students, parents, & teachers to the '18-'19 year.

Maybe you are hosting an open house or planning a pep rally or kicking off your fundraising event. But, if you and your team are still looking for ways to kick off the season, the following ideas are perfect for your September calendar.

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1. Community Back-to-School Bash

A community back-to-school bash brings together local businesses, extra-curricular programs and clubs at your school, sports teams, and local government programs (like those offered from the Parks & Rec. Department) together to kick off the school year! It's a community-wide party that your parent group can host or help sponsor in conjunction with your school admin and local chamber of commerce.

  • Host the party at a local park or other large, outdoor space
  • Encourage school clubs and sports teams to have their own booths or informational tables so students and parents can learn more about what your school offers. You can even help cover the costs of the event by charging for a booth/table at the event.
  • See if local restaurants will help cater the event or if local food trucks want to attend.
  • Connect with the band director to have the school band play music during the event or put on a concert.
  • Use this time to deliver important information about your fall fundraiser to students, parents, teachers and community businesses (especially if you are trying to get local sponsorship!).

2. Teacher Cook-Out

Celebrate and show support for your teachers and educators! Host your cookout at the school, local park, or even the beach if the weather permits. You could even team up with other schools and make it a community-wide event to celebrate local educators.

  • Provide the hot dogs and have your volunteers man the grills! You can also encourage attendees to bring their own food of choice (hamburgers, chicken, bratwurst) and tell them you will cook it up for them while they enjoy the party.
  • Celebrate teachers during the event with gift bags full of supplies they can use in their classroom to help relieve the need to purchase basic needs out of pocket.
  • You can also make your cookout a casual environment for teachers and educators to talk to local and state elected officials that you invite to attend (especially members/candidates on the County Board of Education). You could even include a voter registration drive at your cookout for people who aren't yet registered for the November elections.

3. Family Skate Party or Bowling Bash

Host a family-friendly party at your local skating rink or bowling alley for parents and students to have fun together and celebrate the start of another school year. This can also be an opportunity for you to introduce new parents to the PTO/PTA and deliver information about volunteering and your upcoming fall fundraiser.

  • Have school supplies lists available and some free items (like pencils, notebooks, paper, rulers, etc.) for students at your event.
  • You could offer a kids combo for a cost ($5 or $10) that includes food, a drink, skates/bowling shoes rental, and a backpack with school supplies.
  • If your fall fundraiser has already kicked off, have a list of the incentives (or samples of toy rewards) being offered as donation incentives for parents and students to see and get excited by.
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4. Back-to-School Dance Party

If you don't want to break it down yourself like Lynchburg School, then host a dance so your students can!

  • Host a small dance break during the school day as a special assembly with an energetic volunteer to lead the students in several choreographed dances
  • Or, have an after-school dance during the first week back and hire a DJ or do it yourself with speakers and a playlist
  • This is also a great idea if you are organizing a dance-athon as your fall fundraiser

5. Ice Cream Social

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream social? You’ve got friends, you’ve got delicious ice cream and you’ve got a whole assortment of yummy toppings for students to customize their cool treat.

Tips for your Social:

Want more creative Event ideas for your school year?

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