An Incredibly Efficacious: TOOTH & GUM DETOXIFIER Shamanic Oil

"Shamanic Oil can fix your bleeding Gums in 3 to 5 days" *

* attention to direction is critical to this outcome and claim applies to most bleeding gum conditions unless severe.

regular bi annual detox treatment is good prevention of plaque build up

About Shamanic Oil

A natural plant found only in New Zealand Aotearoa is then traditionally harvested and uniquely processed.

Shamanic Oil is 100% Natural. It is at the core of our Tooth & Gum detoxifier. It is derived from the KAWA KAWA plant and is more efficacious because of the proprietary method of rendering. Kawa Kawa has been used as an all round remedy for different things on the body for Maori for nearly a Thousand Years. The "Tooth & Gum Detoxifier" as well as other "Maori Shamanic Products" blend a range of base oils like, Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran & Baby Oil. They are just base oils, dependant on the final application and purpose.

Penetrating Properties

Shamanic Oil penetrates "non living" matter to delaminating it from the living body, such as degenerated toe nails, warts and various body fungus & skin conditions. It even quite incredibly penetrates through, skin, to organs, to muscle, to cartilage and bone. It is discerning in its function, it strengthens living tissue and eliminates dead matter'. Simultaneously it allows the natural health of both teeth and gums.

Body Plaque

Body plaque is found everywhere on the body in various forms. It is even found in the arteries. It is a by product of the "body processing" that is better out of the body than in. Shamanic Oil easily demonstrates its effectiveness by crumbling both warts and dying toe nails and softens teeth plaque. It inevitably demonstrates how healthy is the recovery of those body parts it comes into contact with. The incredible efficacy and performance lasts over days weeks and months before another detoxification would be even remotely necessary.

Shamanic Oil is a proprietary blend & rendering of the Kawa Kawa Plant as well as other Native flora and fauna found in New Zealand and used by my people the (Native Maori), for centuries with wondrous and reliable efficacy.
TOOTH & GUM issues are quickly & resoundingly mitigated in 3-5 DAYS - BRUSH TEETH & GUMS VIGOROUSLY AND OFTEN OVER THE DETOX PERIOD.
Our Gum & Tooth Detoxifier can be purchased online through our distributors Wah Lee CO Ltd in Auckland. They will supply and ship to resellers and individuals anywhere in the world

Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealands' Plant extracts are unique and Internationally recognised. It is home of Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil
New Zealand is a South Pacific Wonderland of Natural Beauty and its forest resource has been utilised by Maori for body care for centuries

Kawa Kawa

Shamanic Oil consists of among other plant extracts, the Kawa Kawa or latin (Macropiper excelsum) plant which has in itself numerous detoxifying properties upon the body and has been used by Native Maori for generations as various remedies on and within the body. However the proprietary rendering process is not traditional and has if anything, amplified the efficacy well beyond the norm.

No the plant is not sick, insects are a great discerner of what is good, it is a plant that characteristically is favoured by forest dwellers including the Native Maori.

Tooth & Gum fact

Bleeding gums are more prevalent than people realise, such issues affect 80% of the population and youth are not exempt
Simple fast and affordable for it what it enables.


Bad breath is a symptom of many things, but predominantly it is because of Plaque and Tartar accumulation on teeth and even beneath the gums. Plaque forms a wedge between the teeth and gums inevitably leading to bleeding of the gums. As the blood incubates within the mouth, the foul odour permeates the breath, like the smell of carion.

Accumulated plaque on teeth is the nemesis to healthy gums always leaving the tell tale signs of bad breath.


Shamanic Oil remarkably penetrates the plaque and with regular vigorous brushing, assists the plaque tartar breakdown. After 3 to 5 days of using Shamanic Oil Tooth and Gum detoxifier on your gums & teeth, we recommend brushing vigorously with baking soda to wear off the plaque, completely. Positive signs of healed firmer gums, stronger resistant teeth, and no sign of bleeding should appear within a week.

Bleeding should abate within the first, or third day of commencing the brushing regimen


Noticeably Shamanic Oil is more gentle than abrasive tooth pastes and enables you longer brushing time especially upon the gums. This is crucial to preventing teeth plaque and gum degenration. This treatment is an intermittent solution and not tendered as a substitute for toothpastes.

Brushing with common toothpaste actually inhibits longer brushing time. When discomfort to the gums caused by abrasives and alcohol, tenderises, then irritates the gums. Brushing against the gums is essential to ensure their strength


Smoking is disruptive to the healing of the gums and they are the people who are likely to experience difficulties with tooth and gum disease. But with our TOOTH & GUM DETOXIFIER the toxicity generated by smoking is also mitigated along with Plaque bacteria and Tartar. Smokers have successfully achieved the course detox period within the 3-5 days without difficulties.

But the brushing regimen must not be avoided or compromised.


harmony in relationships is easily displaced by dead breath
nothing should inhibit the connection with your spouse
We recommend at the end of the detox period you brush down with baking soda, for several days, to wear off the weakened plaque

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