David Rankin Workshop A special 3-day Watercolor workshop by David Rankin at the Euclid Art Association - Cleveland, Ohio - Spring 2019

David Rankin Watercolor Workshop

"Painting Birds in Watercolor" Workshop - Euclid Art Association - May 31st, June 1, 2, 2019

David Rankin is one of an elite group of artists from around the world who specialize in the fine art of painting birds. In this unique workshop David will walk you through his precise creative procedures that he uses to capture the beauty of birds in Transparent Watercolor.


Additional Workshop Added

Due to the popularity of Birds in Watercolor Workshop it filled and sold out in a week. However... the Euclid Art Association is opening an additional date for this workshop to accommodate all the artists who were not able to get enrolled in the first date in May.


David Rankin has been studying & painting the birds of India since his first trip back in 1970.

In 1985 David began a major creative career effort to focus on painting India.

And over these past 30+ years David's dramatic watercolors of the birds and wildlife of India have been featured in over 125 museum exhibitions.

In 2013 he began a year long artistic project using a new app called "Paper by 53" on his Apple iPad. He created a new image each day, focusing mostly on the birds of India, and posted them into his Facebook community. By the end of the year he had done more than 380 sketches. studies, and watercolors of the birds of India, with an established Facebook audience of several hundred thousand.

David's paintings of the birds & wildlife of India have been featured in the world's top competitive art competitions... and purchased by museum collections, such as this painting below... titled.."Warp Speed", showing India's wonderful Pied Kingfisher skimming over the waters of KeoLadeo National Park in North India.

David's unique process for painting birds in Watercolor begins with drawing & sketching.

For many years he used a 9B Woodless Graphite Pencil for developing his observations and "live" sketches of birds.

Gradually my sketching skills then allowed me to create dynamic compositions and finished watercolors that had the kind of charm I was wanting to achieve.

But my process for painting birds in watercolor depends upon the development of a wide ranges of blending skills. It's these skills which are basic to watercolor, that are the primary skill that yields wonderful visual results.

And it's this ability to create lovely blends that allows us to capture many unique features that are exhibited in birds of all kinds.

Here is a recent idea that I first developed quickly with a sketch... and some watercolor.

And here is the finished watercolor I created as I pushed this idea to completion.

"Jewel of the Indian Jungle" / Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher - 10" x 18" Transparent Watercolor

But here I've enlarged it enough for you to study the brushwork in the bird's head. It actually took the longest time and consists of a half-dozen distinct blending skills.

Working looser & faster

The secret to creating studies and paintings with distinct style and charm is to practice the brushwork over & over with numerous subjects until you get a feel for it.

In watercolor... the initial drawing is actually rather important. However, it's the addition of the watercolor blends & brushwork that provides the magic.

I also use my Gray Study procedures to streamline my idea development.

This Workshop has a simple singular focus... Painting Birds in Watercolor. But the training procedures will cover a very wide range of skills.

The May Workshop is already full. Sign up for the additional date in June Get more info and Register today!

David Rankin "Hoopoe Study" - In the garden of the Imperial Hotel - New Delhi, India
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