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What is Mozambique Geography?

Mozambiques climate ranges from Dense jungles on the interior of the nation, to tropical beaches along its east coast. It also has milder shrub filled semi-arid section of the nation

Where is Mozambique?

Mozambique is located in Southern Africa , Northeast of South Africa with the island nation of Madagascar off the coast to the east . Mozambiques exact location is -18.83 south and 34.82 east and you will find yourself along side a major highway in this small southern African nation.

Where is Mozambique's capital?

The capital of Mozambique is Maputo a large port city along the countries coast. The city has its own natural harbor called "Maputo bay" the exact location of the capital is -26 south and 32.57 east . If you were right there you would be on the main terminal of the cities largest airport.

Does Mozambique have any major lakes?

Yes Mozambique has a few large scale lakes inland of this nation. Such as a large tourist location and largest lake in Mozambique Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi has many infers breeds of fish one of the major one is Cichlids they dominate the population of Lake Malawi

Who border Mozambique?

5 nations border Mozambique , South Africa , Swaziland , Zimbabwe , Zambia , Tanzania

What is it like to live in Mozambique

The majority of people in Mozambique are Christian (56.1%) with a large non-religious population also (18.7%) with also a smaller Muslim population (17.9%)

Muslim Mosque
Christian Church

A mosque and a church both located in the major port and capital city of Maputo

Mozambique's Holidays

A major national holiday is their Indepndece Day on June 25 this year they will be celebrating 40 years of independence from Portugal after 470 years of imperial rule.

Local street art celebrating the war of indepdnce with Portugal

With Christianity being a major religion in the nation Christmas is celebrated by almost 60% of the population

Church in outdoor church in neighborhood

With Islam making up a sizable part of the population at almost 20% Ramadan is a major holiday that last a month that involves fasting and giving of zakat or charity during this time.

Mosque in capital city of Maputo
Mozambique's Ethnic Groups

There are many ethnic groups but one of the largest resides mostly in the north most parts of the nation.

Young makondé women her tribe lives up north h
A Tsonga tribal dance taking place in the south of the nation

A young makua women her Tribe inhabits the central part of the nation

Mozambique's government

When Mozambique first gained independence they were a communist nation. But now a days they are a semi-capitalist western aligned nation That holds elections every 5 years. Some interesting facts, their first free and fair election was held in 1994. That was the first real free and fair elections their current president is named Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

Mozambies natural resources

Mozambique has major stores of untaped virgin soil perfect for farming allowing for massive amounts of food to be grown

They also have a emerging coal industry with large stores of coal found.
Also Mozambique is a major exporter of sand with their very long east coast.

Mozambique is also planning expansions of their energy industries

Another large industry is the tourist hunting industry where guides lead tourist on hunting trips to bag big game.

Human-Environmental Interaction

Mozambique is still a developing nation and the environment is being affected by that in some of the larger cities there is pollution and some deforestation but many African nations experience this many propals have come around too fix the pollution problem such as regulating farming techniques little action has yet been taken.


Many crops are grown in Mozambique such as corn and a local special crop called cassava they grow any and all types of Fruits and vegetables

Small farmer harvest maize
Cassava farm outside of the capital.
Crops being harvested on a farm in north Mozambique.
Jobs of Mozambique

There are many fields of employment but some of the major ones are Agricultural, Construciton , And many government jobs

Owners of a farm In Beira along the east coast.
Construction workers in Maputo
Members of the Army

A car assembly plant being opened by a Chinese company in Mozambique

Endangered Species

Mozambique is home to many endanger species such as, the Black rhinoceros, Vincent's bush squirrel, and my favorite the "encephalartos chimanimaniesis"

Vincent Bush squirrel
Black Rhino
Encephalartos chimanimaniesis
What are the schools like.

There is very little government funded schooling and most schools if they are not outdoor are single room open air classrooms.

Class being held outside under a tree
School in a rural village
Multiple classes being taught outside

Better schools being built for children

Mozambique literacy rating is very low in comparison to western nations at only 50.54%

Mozambiques total population is 25.8 million their population density is 35.5 people per square kilometer

Mozambique has a area of 309,496 square miles.

Mozambiques GDP per capita is 605.03$

Average life expectancy in Mozambique for males is 53 and women is 56

Mozambique is located in the tropical climate zone

Imports and Exports

Mozambique exports lard quantitys of fruits and vegetables one major one is their banana crop.

Banana farm
Coal is also a major export
Good quality building wood is a large import because not much of it is manufactured in Mozambique
Also vehicles because of lack of local production
History of the flag

This flag shares many similarities with other southern African nations also has many elements common on Soviet aligned nations of the Cold War such as the Kalashnikov on the flag a major symbol of their war for independence and the hoe too symbolize the farmers and the book, the students.

This nations independence was gained after a civil war fight during the 60s-70s the war was fought against the Portuguese army

Portuguese soldiers 1961
Popular forms of transit

The 3 major forms of of transit in Mozambique are walking and bicycle for the non wealthy and if your lucky you have a car too travel on the nations highway system

Man rides bicycle home from work
Photo of Mozambiques highway system

A short clip of what driving in the capital of Maputo is like

Locals walking in their village

A good example that explains Mozambique situation is farming the industry is changing from mostly old hand techniques too using tractors and other farm equipment such as western world is doing.

Field being watered
Field being plowed by woman
Seeds being sewn
Current events
Opposition meme disputing results of election (2014)

A 60 day truce has been extended between the two groups fighting in Mozambique over election results

Fighting that has been ceased by the 60 day truce.

Gold bars

Man arrested in Maputo airport carrying 17kg of gold bars he was in transit to Dubai.

Ferry to Maputo

The only ferry that bring people across Maputo bay has broken down stranding people that need to get into the city.

Oil rigs in south Mozambique

Oil has been uncovered of the coast of the nations within its own waters

Why should you come to Mozambique

Mozambique has a large tourist economy because of its beautiful beaches

Also along the nations coast many resorts have been built for these tourists

Photos of some resorts for tourists

There are also many sights too see inside the country such as Maputo

View of capital city from the bay
Resort chef with a fish caught by a tourist

There is also a large fishing tourism because of the nations wonderful waterways and costal locals

High school in Mozambique
Two high school kids in Beira
Class being taught in Maputo
Two schools compete in a basketball game in the capital of Maputo.

High school in Mozambique is different than ours in many ways such as its not a thing you have to do its a privilege most high schools are private you have to pay to go to like we think of college is. Most students also wear uniforms at these schools as most kids do in Africa. The kids though are just like us they listen too all kinds of music but most of it originates in Mozambique or Portugal because of their spoken language of Portuguese. After school kids hang out with their friends.

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