Bobby and Billy's Grand Adventure A journey of the droplets

"Man just another boring day in the lake!" exclaimed Billy." Dude I heard it's way cooler in the ocean." explained Bobby." Billy and Bobby were BFF's they were inseparable. "dude we should catch the evaporation train and get a cloud to the ocean." explained Bobby.

Who's eyes are those?

"We're starting to condensate." exclaimed Bobby. "Ahhhh!! Wee!" yelled Billy. Splash! "Dang it, dude it took us right back." Billy and Bobby were really disappointed. "We have to keep trying." exlaimed Billy. So they went to try again.

" We're starting to condense and here we go we're perspirating." explained Bobby. "Wait we're infiltrating the ground." "Wait where are we it looks weird?"Billy asked,"I think we're in some groundwater." explained Bobby. "What the heck is ground water?"Billy asked"It's were water sinks in the ground."explained Billy.

Billy has never been to groundwater city.

"Well can we leave now?" Billy asked, "Afraid not there's not an evaporation train for another 600 years."Bobby exclaimed, "Dang it well I may as well get comfortable."Bobby said

"Finally 600 years in groundwater is hard on the back." complained Billy "Wait who is that?" asked Billy "oh no" exlaimed Bobby. "Sup guys,", "kill me now." Bobby exclaimed.

Those eyes are Bobby's.

"Robby what are you doing here." asked Billly. " I was on my way to ground water city," explained Robby. Robby was the weirdest droplet around.

"Why are you guys here?" asked Robby. "Well were on a journey to the ocean." explained Bobby. "Well I will help," explained Robby, "No, no that's really not necessary." Billy tried to talk him out of it. "Yes it is," exlaimed Robby. Then Robby carried on with them.

They had just fell on a glacier were the froze into snow. Then fell down the mountain and turned to ice.

"Great now we're stuck in one of the coldest places on earth." wined Billy. "It will take forever for us to melt and evaporate" complained Robby . "Let's just calm down there another evaporation train in 800 years." Bobby explained trying to calm the groop down.

"Ok we're back on track." Robby exlaimed, "wait what's that it's a bunch of water ah man we're back at the lake," wined Bobby, "wait wait I think that's, yeah that's the ocean." Billy exclaimed, "Yes were starting to precipitate."Robby exlaimed." We can take thee next runoff to the ocean." Yes after all this time we're finally here."

And as ther journey comes to a end they all give a hearty "hip hip hooray."

"We finally made it." exclaimed Bobby. "Huzza, huzza!" Yelled Billy "well never have to be board in the lake again." exlaimed Robby.

"Hey Bobby can we go back I'm bored." asked Billy "OH COME ON!!!." S screamed Bobby.

Well that was fun

Something to remember

By: Charles Sherman


Created with images by Pok_Rie - "wave water ocean"

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