Objects in the Solar System By: William, Bradley, and Fischer


  • Are classified as rocky and metallic objects that orbit the sun Too small to be plantets
  • Too small to orbit the sun
  • Most are in the asteroid belt which is in between Mars and Jupiter

Fun Fact: Pluto was considered a asteroid, but now is called a dwarf planet


  • Meteoroids that hit the Earth become Metoerites
  • Meteoroids are a piece of stony or metallic material traveling in outer space
  • Smaller than asteroids
  • Travel around the sun in orbits
  • The meteor burns as it enters the atmosphere


  • A meteoroid that has reached the ground
  • Meteorites are a streak of light in the sky from meteoroid burning up because of friction with gases in the atmosphere
  • Sometimes called shooting stars or falling stars
  • About 3000 metric tons fall to earth as dust per day


  • An irregularly shaped body made of solid grains of matter and frozen gases
  • Comets orbit close to the sun and deep into space
  • Sometimes called dirty snowballs
  • The parts of comets are nucleus, coma, and tail
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