Good Life Tour of the Harn By: manuel Ruiz

The most interesting interesting part about Midtown Composite by Yvonne Jacquette is the style/medium in this painting is done with. It is striking that she is able to fully capture this cityscape with so little colors, the bright yellow, really contrasts against the black in turn truly capturing the lighting seen during the night in New York. This piece told me the simplistic bueaty of New York, the piece doesn't attempt to capture the architecture of the city, rather by making the lights the focal point of the piece the beauty is seen in the scope of the city. This piece ultimately left me in awe, both by the technique of the artist in being able to capture such an amazing city with so few colors, and by the simplistic beauty of these lights that no one pays attention to when in the city.

I found this opening wing of the Harn to be very appealing to me, I liked the wide open space of this wing, that was painted in this very neutral, relaxing terra-cotta color. The structure in the center allowed the room to be very spacious because it allowed more art to be put on display, moreover the lighting of the room was was not too bright, nor too dark creating a very peaceful ambiance. This exhibit made me feel peaceful, the exhibit was set up in a way that one could walk in and admire the art without any outside distractions, the way the room was set-up, and the color it was painted allowed me to focus solely on the art.

This artwork stroke one of my core values, which is that of fairness. The piece seems very aggressive and angry, as seen by the gorilla head placed on the nude model is supposed to evoke a feeling of anger from the viewer. This piece helped me further appreciate my values because it blatantly says the disparity between the number of female artists being shown at museums, and this bluntness invokes a sense of anger in me that this sort of things is happening in the art industry.

Casita al Mar by Emilio Sanchez represents the good life theme of the individual and self, because to me this piece represents peace and tranquility and being happy as an individual. It communicates the theme of the individual and self, because the house is represented as a very peaceful place, very similar to Walden. This piece helped me appreciate the theme of individual and self because this piece made me appreciate the importance of being happy an individual.

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