Juan de Herrera By: Avery Hudson

Juan de Herrera Biography

  • Born born in 1530 in Mobellán, Santander Province
  • Spent most of his lifetime in Spain
  • Studied geometry and mathematics in Brussels and at the University of Valladolid
  • He was obsessed with his work and others described him as charismatic and very ambitious
  • Herrera was an architect for King Phillip ll, his patron, who he felt the need to follow around out of respect
  • His most famous buildings;
  • El escorial
  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez
  • Valladolid Cathedral
  • The common theme in these buildings is classicism and perspectivism
  • He is most closely linked to classicism for two reasons. He loved symmetry and geometry. The second is that he made many church buildings.
  • The second is perspectivism for the ratios all of his buildings have to further perspective.

El Escorial

Served mainly as a church and royal palace
Notice the symmetry and the perspective
  • Built 1564-1584
  • Located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, España
  • The dome is very important as it was considered a "new" technique and it took a long time to build
  • Has deep roots in classicism(Influenced by the Classical past and/or focusing on elegance & symmetry)-proved by use of the dome, the building being symmetrical, and a big part of the palace is a church
  • I describe it as such; The architecture is beautifully symmetric and made almost all from stone. There is gold embroidery and some marble statues which add to the effect of elegance. From different perspectives you can see different things while some pieces are hidden, which is very impressive.
  • I love this great piece of architecture for many reasons. I love stone buildings, the perfect symmetry and the pieces of detail that you could miss if you aren't looking closely

More information can be found at: https://el-escorial.com/

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