Juan de Herrera By: avery hudson

Juan de Herrera facts

  • Born born in 1530 in Roiz, Spain
  • Spent most of his lifetime in Spain
  • Studied geometry and mathematics in Brussels and in Valladolid
  • He was charismatic and very ambitious
  • Herrera was an architect for his patron, King Phillip ll
  • Most famous of his buildings;
  • El escorial
  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez
  • Valladolid Cathedral

El Escorial

Served mainly as a church and royal palace
  • Built 1564-1584
  • Located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, EspaƱa
  • Incredible feat of building huge dome
  • Catholic church and the Spanish monarchy found common architecture
  • Beautiful stone palace
  • Impressive detail in statues and gold embroidery
  • Built with the idea of classicism
  • Proved by use of the dome, symmetrical, and find roots in the church

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