Which teams do you expect to do well ,and which team do you think will win in the lacrosse World Cup 2017? By: caitlyn featherstOne

"Lets go blue, Lets go blue" this event is gonna make you scream your lungs out. Do you know what it is. Well it's the World Cup! Many sports are played in the World Cup. For instance, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey.

Lacrosse is new in the World Cup.According to Wikipedia, "Lacrosse has its origins in a tribal game played by eastern Woodlands Native Americans and by some Plains Indians tribes in what is now Canada." Lacrosse is very fun many girls and boys play but once you get older you have many opportunities. For example, play in college, patently go to the World Cup, or just play for fun.

This year 2017 the World Cup is held in England, there are 30 teams participating, and this event is going to be held on July 12-22nd. Which teams do you expect to do well, and which team do you think could win? I think Australia is gonna do very well in the World Cup. For instance, Wikipedia states, "The country with the top six rankings - Australia."

According to excellence sports it states, "Of the three World Cups I’ve been a part of, including this summer’s, this was the most difficult process because of the wealth of talent in the player pool, but I’m excited with the group moving forward as we strive to defend gold.” Stated fried because he had to cut girls. Which means many girls get cut from entering the World Cup. Next, according to wikepida, it states "This tournament was first held in 1982 and is held every four years."Also, according to excellence sports it states, "This summer’s World Cup will host 25 nations and is the largest women’s international championship in history." Soon, lacrosse is gonna be played all around the world.

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