Color Me Kona YEAR TWO (2018)

In November of 2017 the Kid's Mural Project teamed up with Kona Skatepark to produce an event called, "Color Me Kona", which served as a fundraiser for the Kid's Mural Project, so that the program could continue working to uplift and empower underprivileged youth around the city!

Color Me Kona 2017 received the "Production of the Year" award from the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville!

The Kid's Mural Project started out as the Jax Kid's Mural Festival, which was a SPARK Grant recipient from the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville and Florida Blue. The Jax Kid's Mural Festival was held four separate times in both Hemming Park, and the Jacksonville Landing. It was a very successful event, that lead to the creation of the Kid's Mural Project, which brings the interactive mural painting concept to the underprivileged youth of Jacksonville who might otherwise be unable to attend such events. The Kid's Mural Project received the PNC Arts Alive grant in 2017, and has since painted over 30 murals in more than 28 schools around the city. In order to keep the project running, the Kid's Mural Project decided to produce a fundraiser event, and who better than Kona Skatepark to team up with? Color Me Kona is, in essence, the reincarnation of the Jax Kid's Mural Festival, but it is bigger, better, and functional in supporting the continuation of the Kid's Mural Project. To learn more about the project that Color Me Kona supports, click the button below!

Color Me Kona 2017 was a huge success! There were over 40 local and visiting artists involved, many of whom showcased their work or tried something big for the first time in their careers! There were approximately 3,500 attendees, and everyone had a great time! There were so many amazing vendors, performances, skateboarding contests, a free skateboarding clinic for the kids, and so much more. The event even won an award for "Production of the Year" from the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville!

Check out the recap video of Color Me Kona below, made by our friend Chris Jolly!

For more pictures and details from Color Me Kona, check out our full recap by clicking the button below!


We are so excited to announce Color Me Kona, year two! Per our success last year, we have a lot to live up to. Don't worry... we have big plans! Take a moment to check them out below!

  1. Mural Painting
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Live Performances
  4. Vendors & Workshops
  5. Experiences
  6. Youth Artist Opportunities
In this photo you can see two of the professional mural productions that were done last year, and one of the interactive murals! The mural on the concrete "Snake Run" was done by artist Halsi, who will be joining us again in year two for another huge mural production! The mural in the top left on the back of the "Tomb Stone" was done by artist Eric Karbeling, who we might happen to see again this year as well!
Mural Painting
  1. Interactive Murals: Contribute to the production of a collaborative mural!
  2. Professional Mural Productions: Watch the pros paint!
  3. Concrete Barricade Murals: Open call to artists (High school & middle school students only)


We will have various professional artists from around Jacksonville that will design coloring-book style murals on the walls that we set up around Kona Skatepark. There will be at least 12 different murals around the park for guests to paint!

This mural was designed by artist Gilly!

One of the biggest things we wanted to improve on from our past events, was the reduction of messiness! This year we will be using blotter markers with WASHABLE paint!

We will have a special section for our little painters, the Toddler Zone! Our festivals are for all ages, always!

Last year's "Toddler Zone"

There will also be a couple of walls for guests who are a little bit more advanced, and those walls will have regular paint and brushes so that you can have a real mural painting experience! These walls will be accompanied by the artists that designed the murals, and you will have a chance to interact with them and maybe even paint with them!


One of the goals of this event is to bring together artists from around the city to promote unity, enable networking and meaningful connections, provide opportunities for career advancement, and to show the community how incredible our art community really is!

Check out these images of some of the amazing artists that produced work for Color Me Kona last year!


There are about 25 concrete barricades at Kona Skatepark, and we are going to paint them all white to prepare the mural painting surface. High school and middle school students (only) are welcome to submit an application to be one of the painters! First come first served! For more information, or to apply please email nicosuaveart@gmail.com.

Kona is the world's oldest operating skate park. It opened its doors in 1977 and has been host to some of the most iconic skateboarders and skate events of all time.

Kona Skate Park has hosted some of the most incredible events in the history of skateboarding. For this event, Kona will be hosting various skateboarding contests, a skateboarding clinic, and demonstrations that will feature some of Jacksonville's most experienced skaters. We believe that skateboarding is truly an art form and an incredible creative outlet for young children to develop their personal identities. Needless to say, we are very excited to be teaming up with such a special place in our city.

  1. Skateboarding Clinic: Learn how to skate!
  2. Skateboarding Contests: Win some cool prizes, and money!
  3. Skateboarding Demonstrations: Watch the pros!


Kona Skatepark is well known for their amazing summer camps as well as the skateboarding lessons they provide! During Color Me Kona there will be skilled local skateboarders volunteering their time to teach first timers, and help beginners progress to the next level! Skateboards, helmets, and pads will be provided. The skateboarding clinic is free!


Throughout the day there will be various different skateboarding contests in which all are welcome to compete. There will be separate divisions based on age and skill level. Winners will receive some awesome, hand made trophies as well as some other amazing prizes!

Some of the winners with their trophies and prizes from one of the divisions last year!


Watch as some of Jacksonville's most talented skaters show off their skills. There will be a couple of different demos throughout the day, and we might even be joined by some professional skaters from around the state, and the country!


Theres nothing more experiential than performance, and we have some special ones lined up! We will be joined by some of Jacksonville's best musicians, dancers, poets, and even a magician!

A few of last year's performers!
The Posh Factory dancers were a huge hit last year with their flash mob performances! They will be a big part of our event this year, and we can't wait to see what magic they have planned!
Crossroad Magic, a.k.a. the Magician of Hemming Park!

Each of the vendors that set up at Color Me Kona are asked to provide some sort of craft or interactive activity for guests! It works out great for everyone, because the vendors get more engagement and the guests get something fun to do, and learn! We will also have separate workshops during the day where guests will be able to make their own terrariums, tie-dye and customize their own shirts, and much more!

Scarlett's Slime Workshop!!!
Print Studio Jax brought out their woodblock prints and more, to print on t-shirts and more!
FOOD! We had a ton of great food vendors last year! Pictured is the Guanabana food truck as well as the Murray Hill Billy!
Fresh Thread sponsored our t-shirts last year, and created a whole "Fresh Factory" where you could go and customize your event t-shirt with fabric markers and tie-dye!
  1. Art Installations: Artists from around the city will be creating art installations, displaying sculptures, producing creative photo opportunities, and more!
  2. Interactive Experiences: There will be various creative activities and projects for everyone to interact with and participate in!
  3. Play Zone: A special area for big time play time!
Here are a few of the amazing art installations from last year! Many of which were created by teens and middle schoolers!
A ton of interactive and engaging creative experiences for all!
Face painting, by Jacksonville's premier face & body painting artist, Crystal Rodriguez!
The Play Zone will be a special area for ultimate play time! There is no doubt that your kiddos will sleep good at night!

Last year we partnered with some amazing businesses, families, individuals, brands, and organizations to make Color Me Kona happen! We are excited to develop new relationships with like minded entities, and continue to grow the relationships that we started last year!

All of the elements of this event are available for sponsorship by organizations and brands that are like minded in terms of core values. These values include the support of children - in every way shape and form, environmental protection and conservation, animal rights, consciousness, health, and all things creative. We are also seeking to partner with brands and organizations that are interested in contributing to the future growth and development of the Kid's Mural Project!

Please click the link below for detailed information about our partnership opportunities for Color Me Kona! Thank you!

If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with our project, please reach out via email (nicosuaveart@gmail.com) or phone (Nicole (561-236-8694)) for more details.

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