10 Technology Troubles Lily Malkowski

Trouble 1: Pop-Up Ads Keep Popping Up On Your Computer

If pop-up adds keep popping up on your computer there is a couple of things you can do. If a ad pops up saying someone has accessed it and you want to install something don't press OK, CANCEL, or the X button instead click ALT F4. When you press ALT F4 it will prevent annoying ads from popping up and its much safer.

Trouble 2: Problem turning your computer on

Have you ever had a problem turning your computer on and not knowing what to do. Well I have a couple suggestions. If your computer isn't turning on try turning it on and then off. If it still isn't turning on try plugging the charger in if it still isn't working use a different charger and outlet.

Trouble 3: Random websites popping up

If you are logged into you computer and trying to go to a certain website but it keeps taking you to a different website you have never been on. To prevent this you should probably download an anti virus app.

Trouble 4: Error messages

Have you ever got an error message and don't know wich button to click. Well don't click any. The safest way is to do ALT F4.

Trouble 5: Internet Connection

Trouble 6: Mouse curser not moving

Trouble 7: If your phone keeps freezing

Trouble 8: If your printer isn't working

Trouble 9: Computer Monitor not working

Trouble 10: How to uninstallw apps on your computer

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