Reflective Journal 4th Week - ECopper

I only did college related work on Monday evening. This work consisted of me drawing up new ideas for my game. I first considered placing some wildlife into the final project, they would not be able to be interacted with but they add more life to the final project. I also considered looking back through my coding and noting down any issues which I could resolve in the week. I made note that my health function was not complete, I still needed to add in a "Maximum Health" function, this would prevent my character from picking up additional and un-needed health packs.

During my Tuesday lesson I began fixing my health function. This took me longer than I expected, I hoped to have it finished quickly so that I could move on and get ahead of my plans for this week. Although I was able to plan out the story for my game. The baseline is that the main character (D1G1T-402) is trying to get back to the lab where he was created. He was thrown out as 'excess weight' by his opposite -D1G1T-402, the main aim of the game is simple, travel through the outskirts of the laboratory grounds and sneak back in to rescue your creator from your negative half.

On Wednesday I began to create the new tiles that I am going to use in my game. I looked back at Tuesday's work and decided to create the tiles by level. So for my fist level I created basic dirt and grass tiles. These were used to build my level on a Tile Map in Unreal. After I uploaded the first tiles I began to create the level. I did the same with the second level in my final lesson. But during my IStudy session I started working on this weeks reflective journal. For the final 30 minutes of my last lesson of the day I began to draw up some digital ideas for the wildlife that would be included into my game. I decided on some rabbits, and a bird for my first level.

Most of my Thursday was spent doing the new backgrounds for my game. I created a basic mountain scene for my first level and an underground cave-like scene for my second level.I then finished off my wildlife creatures for outside and created a few which will be located on the second level. To finish off my Thursday I inputted my new "flag" into the game, it is fully functional and plays it's animation throughout the game. On Thursday evening I spoke to my dad and asked if he and a few other family members would be interested in testing my game and giving feedback during my time off college. I would have asked several people from different age groups and with different observational skills to test the game, and tell me what they think is wrong with it, what could be improved, or what could possibly be added to make the game better. I am mostly relying on a young family member aged 10, this is because he fits the target age that my game is aimed towards.

On Friday I began by placing my new bosses into my game. I have not been able to get them to fire just yet, as a result I will start working on that first thing Tuesday and look at some online help videos on how to make and AI shoot at a character. I finished up my reflective journal for the fourth week and and made a list of what I would like to do for the following week, before our Easter holiday.

I started by taking note that I need to get my attacking bosses functional by the end of next week. I am also planning to refine some of my sprites. They look a little rough so I plan on making them look more natural. I also made note that my character is moving to quick for his animation, but instead of speeding the animation up I thought to prolong the game and slow my character down to match his animation speed

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