"it feels so good when it all just aligns... when we all just unwind"

A passion for the dance floor and the connections that exist in that space are the main driving forces that motivate Rortron to create memorable shows. With sets that illicit deep and soulful textures that combine a mixture of the old and new, familiar with exotic, catchy with the contagious...and a genuine passion to share a truly unforgettable experience.


Hi-Fi Music Hall

Blairally Vintage Arcade

Sam Bond's with Fortune's Folly

High Sailor! 420 Event with Moss Crossing & Sugartop Buddery

Brightside Eugene Grand Opening Party

Kesey Square for Eugene Sunday Streets


DJ Rortron was a pleasure to have! His fresh energy was easy to work with, and he was excellent at reading his crowd… He played a set that kept people moving and happy the whole night! He stepped in last minute on a night that normally would’ve been slow due to other events… And kept the floor bumpin with an intelligent set of mixes that were familiar enough for people to respond, but fresh and new enough to keep it from feeling contrived! I would highly recommend him for any event! -Rio (booking agent and bar manager of Blairally vintage arcade)
Rortron's approach to DJ'ing is a breath of fresh air in the electronic dance music scene! If you like to dance, Rortron will most certainly spin something that compels you to cut a rug. Even the wallflowers can't help but tap their feet to his unique blend of electronic house, fused with funk, classic R&B and Soul. You can almost see the good vibes when Rortron's on the decks. A Guaranteed great time, everytime! 10/10 would recommend DJ Rortron for any occasion. -Skyeler (booking agent of Hi-Fi Music Hall)


rortron@gmail.com | 503-957-1298

Created By
Rory Beck


Photos by Anna CK Smith and Brenden "Cerebral" Lynch

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