A special message from Board Director Carrie Thibodeaux

We have found ways to celebrate birthdays without parties, to hold weddings with a fraction of our friends and families, to honor loved ones through video funeral services, and to visit the doctor virtually. We have identified the least uncomfortable style of mask to wear. There have been some really tough remote learning days and some good ones, too. Who knew catching up with family over a Thanksgiving video call would be a thing?

Yet we’ve persevered. Through grit, determination, optimism, frustration, tears, and laughter, we have found a way to get to this point. The strength and ingenuity (not to be confused with Edgenuity) of our students and families has held. It has been hard, but we’re here, still moving forward.

Orting is full of kind hearts. We rally to hold each other up and wrap support around those in need. Let’s continue to look out for one another. There are great days ahead for our students, our families, and our community. We can do this. Let’s keep moving forward.

-Carrie Thibodeaux, Board Director