The Issues of Slavery katelyn castleberry

Slavery has many definitions, and has OCCURRED throughout our world history. SLaves were african americans.

African Americans were being shipped from africa to the americas, also known as the new world, against their will. They'd be taken away from their homes and families to become someone's slave.

slaves were put to work in the tobacco, wheat, and cotton fields. The more work needed in the new world meant the number of slaves grew. When the cotton gin was made it made it easier to get the seeds out of cotton. It freed jobs of slaves so they could be out to work doing something else.

The escape route to the north was called the underground railroad. it WASN'T an actual railroad but it was given THE NAME because railroads did provide a long distance transportation. The UNDERGROUND railroad consisted of many hiding places for slaves as well as a path to get the slaves to freedom.

Harriet tubman was the CREATE of the underground railroad. she helped free many slaves."i freed a thousand slaves. i could've freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." (harriet tubman)


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