Fellow citizens what is going here with the salt taxing is beyond wrong. Like how are we not able to sell or buy salt we need it, so i have decided the best thing for us to do is come together and fight together, fight against the British when i say fight i do not mean physical i will never lay a hand on any Englishmen so we have to stay committed that we will not strike back when/ if they strike us , by doing this is peaceful is the way i want. Violence does not solve anything. If anyone feels the same as i do i would greatly appreciate the extra hands to hold as we protest again the British in a peaceful 240 mile salt march.

As the march began i was very happy to see all the thousands of people join me. When we got to out destination i planned to crush the salt but obviously the police had stopped us. I found myself and others being arrested, sticking to my non violence i did not resist.

even tho i was not able to take place here my men stood together and traveled 150 miles to Bombay. There the British led policemen to us and beat the Indian men without fighting back they took the beatings.

Meanwhile i was still in jail i decided i can help understand these Indian people more was to dress like them and also it helped the economy. but once i was freed from jail i met with the viceroy of India we discussed and i agreed to end my rebellion if he made me a role at a London conference.

JUSTICE is finally here i am so proud of all the hard work all of us had done. We have made India Independent!

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