Shark Finning Christian AND STEFAN

Shark fining is when a fisherman tries to catch shark to cut off the fins. Then, the shark is thrown back into the water. It is unable to swim and get oxygen so that causes it to sink to the bottom to die from blood loss, suffocation, or getting preyed on by other fish. 100 to 200 million sharks are killed every year for their fins.


Money- When a fisherman cuts off the fins of a shark (4) they can get a minimum of 500 dollars each. So when a fisherman cuts off all 4, he sell them for $2000, or more.

For sport- People fish for sharks for fun, competition, and to make money. People participate in shark competitions, for different species, and they try to catch the biggest one, resulting in a money payout.

Shark Fin Soup- The fins are dried, stacked, and sold, mostly illegally. Then the people who buy them take out the necessary fibers, clean them, and process them into the soup. Each bowl will be sold from $50 to $400 (Sea Shepherd). This is a symbol of status in the Chinese culture. This is thought to have medical benefits (Ocean Portal)

Environmental Impact

Sharks- Sharks are obviously impacted. As shark finning increases, the shark population decreases. They are brutally killed.

Humans- Humans are impacted positively because when they sell the fins, they can earn a great amount of money. Like we said before, they can usually sell each fin for a minimum of $500.

Stingrays- Sharks eat stingrays. With the shark population going down, the ray population will go up. With the sharks gone, there will be more stingrays.

Scallops, Clams, and other bivalves- These bivalves will decrease in population. Stingrays eat scallops and clams. With more stingrays in the water, the less bivalves will be there.


1. Simply do not eat the shark fin soup. This may sound weird, but if a lot of people do not eat it, then the restaurant will stop making it.

2. "There are many organizations fighting to save marine wildlife such as Sea Shepherd, the Humane Society International and Wild Aid. They all need as much support as they can get, especially financially" (Stop Shark Finning) Many organizations are fighting to solve this major problem.

3. Many states are banning this practice. "To date, Illinois, Washington, Hawaii, California, Oregon, New York, Maryland, Delaware and three Pacific Territories, as well as the city of Toronto, Canada, have all passed legislation to ban the practice" (Defenders) By setting laws against shark finning, more people will stop.

By banning shark finning, this will help sustain the shark population. Banning shark finning will help avoid future problems and help maintain a steady and solid sea life.


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