Your successful Speech COMM 231--Special Occasion and Online

For the ONLINE SPEECH, Introduce: the tradition, or who inspires, that special event, a great book, a great quote, or your passion

Have three to four reasons why this is intrigues you

Inspiring person: what is their character, their vision, their accomplishments, their influence on the world?

Well-known quote: why you personally like the quote, why should we know it?

Tradition: how it makes you feel, who taught it to you, why does it carries on?

Can you briefly share about an interesting event or festival that you have attended?

Tell us about a great book that you have read: what is the most important idea within?

speak extemporaneously*-page 310-311 in Speak Up

*planned presentations that are delivered using a keyword outline that helps the speaker deliver his or her prepared comments

Don't delay after you express those reasons (main points)....


As you prepare: (Keep Scrolling)

Practice UP--

more than one trial run will amaze you with your improvement

Speak UP

we must hear you--if we don't--it's like you didn't say anything

Stand UP

standing speakers have stronger voices and send more impressive non-verbal messages

Look UP

eye contact with your audience (or the vicinity of the camera) is crucial to connecting with them

Act it UP

express yourself with a voice that matches how this person inspires you...we'll cover varying our pitch, rate of speech, and volume in future speech preparations


appropriate gestures add interest to your presentation

Face UP

look like you mean what you say

Dress it UP

not fancy, just not distracting either

For the Special Occasion Speech: Be POSITIVE


Created By
Gary Daniel


"The Up Elements of Oral Presentations were drafted by Mr. Fred Ritsema of the Boise Independent School District. Created with images by USDAgov - "20120216-DM-RBN-0700" • MikeBlogs - "VC Speech" • thekirbster - "Practicing a Speech" • Ben Rhoades - "Speaking Up" • Upsilon Andromedae - "Stand up" • DigitalMarketingAgency - "beautiful portrait smiling" • O'mar Miguel - "11x8half5" • philipwatkin - "2b" • krystleblair - "IMG_4278" • Sam Catanzaro - "Casual"

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