6 Components By: Anna Sadowski

Geography/Cities: It was hard to settle in Greece because the soil was poor and the level land was very bad. I thought the oldest city was Athens, and It was important because it was in many wars and it was very important to Greece in many ways like in wars and trading.

Class divisions: Every City-state was run by it citizens and when it is run by it citizens it has equal right. The Greeks had the idea of having citizens rule. But there was one problem only free native born men that owned land could be a true citizen and most woman and other people couldn't be because they thought that it was wrong to have anyone else be a true citizen. This made the Greeks different from Mesopotamia and Egypt because they didn't have a king or a pharaoh.

Art: Some of the art they made was Sculptures, paintings, poetry, and epics which relates back to poetry. The art impacted Greece because the Trojan horse made the Trojan war and that horse was a sculpture, art did many things to Greece some bad and some good. The ideas spread to Egypt and as far east as India and Afghanistan.

Organised Government: A direct democracy is when the USA would be a example of a direct democracy that's when everyone has the choose to vote and they vote on the rules and laws. A Representative democracy is when they only get to vote on representatives. A tyranny is a place where a tyrant is the ruler. A Oligarchy is a couple of people holding power

Religious :Greece's believed in gods like Zeus and Hera. They believed in gods and goddesses, based on myths they heard about them. The Greeks believed in how all the gods and goddesses played tricks on each other and how they controlled the sky, wind and more.

Writing: The Greek alphabet is different than ours now because instead of just A it's said like alpha and for O its omega.

Hi my name is Anna (in the Greek alphabet is) Γεια σου, το όνομά μου είναι Άννα


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