8 Things to Know About Playing 2K By:Grant Brewer

1. You must play on ball defense. In 2K if you let the computer play defense for you, you have no integrity. This is one the many unwritten rules. True 2k players will take this as a slap to the face. To show your true skill you must play both offense and defense.

2. Certain teams are off limits. You cannot be the the Warriors, Cavs, or Spurs. If you claim to be good at 2k you have to win without the best players in the game. Anybody can be good with Steph Curry or LeBron James but, the truly good players are the ones that can win with the Suns or the 76ers.

Phoenix Suns

3. There's no room for quitters. We all get mad when we're losing. At some points we feel like we have no chance to win but, It doesn't matter if you are up 20 or down 20 you can not quit. This is just being courteous. If you do, expect to never play with that person again as it is very angering. The one exception to this rule is if you set a mercy rule in place before the game starts.

4. Don't pause for replays. If you dunk on someone they don't want to see it a hundred times. It's only worth two points and if you have other people waiting to play you'll just irritate everyone. It will replay itself one time in the game in slow motion so you can watch but, no more.

5. Two randoms and a do or die. In order to figure out who the best 2k players are you do two random teams and can pick from either of those teams. If you do not like either team you get one last random that is a do or die and you must be that team. This also means you can't be any vintage teams such as the 95-96 Bulls. To prove your greatness you have to be good with any team.

6. Once you lose you are done talking. Everyone is going to talk some trash before they play about how they're the greatest 2k player to ever live. This will usually gone on during the game but after, only the winner can talk. There is nothing more annoying than the guy you just beat talking about how he is better than you. Once you lose be quiet.

7. Winner stays. When you're playing 2k with a group of people the only way to decide who plays is by first, calling it and then from there on the winner of the previous game stays. This is the most fair way to do it. Also this will show you who the best is because it take more than luck to win 5 or 6 games in a row.

8. Gameplay settings. The quarters must be four minutes or shorter. This is crucial when you're with a large group because no one wants to watch you play for and hour. The camera view has to be "2k". Every real player plays on this view and if you use any other you won't be able to tell what you're doing. Fatigue and injuries have to be turned off. No one wants to have to play with the 12th man on their team so you simply turn these things off to insure your starters stay healthy.

Settings in NBA 2K17

Conclusion. It is very important for everyone to know these 8 things considering the popularity of 2K. "the NBA 2K series is the most popular sports game series in video games today, and arguably of all time, and it’s going to sell millions no matter what anyone says." -Forbes magazine

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