The Texas Revolution By: Ashton Irwin, and Jacob Kirchner

Important People

1. Santa Anna: Santa Anna soon suspended Mexico's republican can constitution and turned his attention to the growing unrest in Texas.

Santa Anna

2. Stephen F. Austin: Stephen F. Austin started a Texas colony, The first three family there were name the old 300.

3. Colonel William Travis: Colonel William Travis tried the distracted the Mexicans in the Alamo.

4. Sam Houston: Sam Houston was the hero of the New country of Texas the named the town Houston after him.

Important Events

Mexican Independence: Before Mexican Independence there was a long unprotected border.

Battle of Gonzales: The Mexicans tried to stile a cannon for Gonzales Texas.

The alamo

Battle of the Alamo: Santa Anna got thousandths of people to stop the rebellion.

Battle of Goliad: Santa Anna killed all the American Mexicans pensioner.

Battle of San Jacinto: Santa Anna thought he was going to win but because he was being stupid about where to set up hes camp he lost.


Texas help bring in American settlers because Texas offered land grants. They brought slaves with them.


Andrew Jackson did not want Texas to be a slave state. U.S congress and Texan where the groups.


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