Hazel Grace Lancaster The Fault in our stars

Why Is Hazel Important To The Story?

Hazel is the protagonist which on its own makes her presence important. Hazel gives Augustus meaning in the story because Augustus’ character is added to the story to add humour and emotion. Whereas Hazel is a very introverted person and is constantly thinking, Augustus is the person to make her speak her thoughts. However, Augustus gives Hazel meaning by setting her on her journey to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is an old argument in the field of 'Thinking About Suffering', and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries, but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not in any way affect the taste of chocolate

- Hazel Grace Lancaster

What Relationships Are Important To Hazel?

Hazel cherishes her relationship with Augustus because he is the love of her life and in Augustus’ words a world without them would be worthless. Hazel also cherishes her relationship with her parents, especially her mother. This is because her mother helps her live and without her Hazel wouldn’t be able to complete her basic daily tasks, such as, getting out of bed. Hazel also considers her relationship with Isaac important because they are friends and without Isaac, Hazel would never have met Augustus, who would set her on her journey.

I willed myself to imagine a world without us and what a worthless world that would be

- Augustus Waters

Why Is The Hazel Placed In The Situation/s She Is In?

Throughout her life Hazel's emotions are thrown around like a ball, but somehow she manages to keep it together. This is one of the reasons why she is 'wise beyond her years'.

Hazel has been placed in the situations she is in to display how cancer can change your perspective on life and change the way you react in certain events, such as, being yelled at by a drunk alcoholic who you were proud to call your favourite author until that moment, finding out your boyfriend is going to die from cancer while at the same time you're dying from cancer, giving your boyfriend a prefuneral with him watching you eulogise him, then going to your boyfriend’s funeral.

Gus my love I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity

- Hazel Grace Lancaster

Where Might Hazel See Herself At The End Of The Story?

Hazel would have kept on living her same boring routine life knowing that she is going to die soon, but not knowing exactly when, which just propels her to contemplate about life, death, and what it all really means. If Augustus hadn’t died Hazel would be going on many more adventures with him and Isaac, not necessarily outside of Indiana but they would continue living life as best they could because they have numbered days and they were trying to fit a 'forever' within it.

Between us we have 5 legs, 4 eyes, and 2 1/2 pairs of working lungs

- Augustus Waters

What Archetypes Does Hazel Reflect? How & Why?

Hazel is a lover, an explorer, a creator, and a shapeshifter. Hazel reflects this in how she displays her love for Augustus, her family, and her friend Isaac, she displays her creativity when she was sitting with Augustus in the ambulance and to calm him down she recited a poem, but when the poem ended she added onto it, also she displays her shapeshifting when she changes her perspectives as Augustus shows her a different side of life, a more eventful side. Meaning that she is dynamic not static. Hazel was a very introverted person at the beginning of the story but when she met Augustus he challenged her and made her take leaps out of her comfort zone, but after meeting Augustus she really enjoys enjoying life and continues to take leaps now that she's realises what she’s been missing, hiding in her bedroom reading books. The most ‘out there’ things she’d done would have been egging Monica's car and drinking champagne (stars in a bottle) whilst being underage.

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once

- Hazel Grace Lancaster

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