Happiness Carlos ruiz 4B 3-21-17

I chose this topic because its important, We didn't come to this earth to be sad we came here to be live life happily
Happiness is a life-long quest-. Happiness needs to be grown. everyone experiences short term happiness in their lives life celebrations or fun experiences like vacations or holidays.
Happiness is a choice-sometimes in your life your happiness will be tested. But it is up to us to make the right decisions and often they are tough choices. When you wake up in the morning and have a list of things that need to be done at school, pick priorities and get them completed. The satisfaction of getting school finished will make you “Happy.” When given a choice, make the decision that will bring you the most happiness.
Happiness is contagious-Being around your friends can make you have a good time or make you laugh, It’s because you need to be “Happy.” We are all connected, How others feel affects our mood, How we feel affects how others feel about us. When we are “Happy” others around you get “Happy” too.
Happiness is a skill- The first step in being “Happy” is to learn which behaviors make you “Happy.” Do what you like to do, even do it with friends. Then continue to build those habits.
I know that you should be happy in life, money doesn't but you happiness your decisions in life could make you a happier person, hangout with friends and family, do the things you life to do, What i learned is that happiness is the best thing to have in your life, you could have the best paying job but a job you don't like, or a job that you do like and pays above average, most people would choose the the job that they would enjoy.

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