My Journal #adobegenpro

I am on the Digital video course one of the recommendations is keeping a journal of reflections and assignments, here's mine......

Week 1: "Selfie Film"
Challenge 1. Before you move on we would like to challenge you to create a short video on your phone to share with the wider comunity!
I hate selfies !
following this formula:
What is your name? My name is…..
Where are you from? I am from ….
Why you are here?

Can anyone say "UNCOMFORTALBE" ?? I have to admit I am really not happy about being infrount of any camara and you do not really find "selfies" in my phone photos let alone a short film..........those 20 seconds do seem rather like an eternity. But here goes........

I decided to hide behind Spark as I felt you can get a better result, by doing this I may have by-passed the whole RAW element of the assignment. like most of the population I hate the sound of my voice...especially when I can't get rid of my Cornish "ARRRRR". I am ish on the results and look forward to making further progress as we continue the course.

Week 2 coming soon......


Created with images by Unsplash - "nikon camera slr" • Unsplash - "selfie mobile phone" • CGP Grey - "2008-12-26T13-19-20 IMG_9374" • JESHOOTS - "technology camera sport"

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