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My name is Danielle Smith and I am an English Education Teacher Licensure major with a minor in Cinematic Arts. I am passionate about hands-on and interactive learning strategies that stretch students outside of their comfort zones and light a fire of curiosity within them. I love incorporating new technology and processes in the classroom in order to build multiple literacies within my students, as well as being innovative with ways to apply content and connect to real life situations. I am passionate about education and pride myself on being a life-long learner who is still curious about our world. Below are some resources that I like to incorporate within my lesson plans for all ages.

Interactive Student Response System Lesson

This lesson plan incorporates a mini-lesson that includes a formative assessment. This is accomplished by utilizing a interactive student response system that engages the students in completing a formative assessment based on information provided in the min-lesson.

Interactive Presentation

This lesson planet incorporates interactive aspects of technology into lessons. In the example included below, students utilize Nearpod to survey their pre and post lesson content knowledge in the form of surveys and quizzes. This allows for a formal assessment within the lesson for the instructor to gauge content comprehension.

Webquest Collaborative Assignment

In this lesson, the instructor uses a webpage creator, such as Adobe Spark, to describe step by step a Webquest lesson. Students follow these instructions which follow the five step layout of Webquests to complete a self-guided lesson plan. This includes detailed instructions, resources, and videos to guide the students instruction. At the end of following the Webquest instructions the students will have a product that reveals content mastery through its completion.

Flipped Classroom Lesson

This lesson incorporates the flipped classroom model where students learn content at home and practice application of the content in the classroom. The teacher creates a way to communicate the at home instructions, such as through a Adobe Soark page. The at home content is presented in the form of short videos and oractice quizzes. Students then come into class already knowing the content and complete assignments, group projects and practice application of the content with opportunity for one-on-one time with the teacher.

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