It's Great {Eats} UF Gainesville Food Scene

Students at the University of Florida are blessed to live in an area with such an amazing food scene. Gainesville offers a wide array of restaurants that provide all types of cuisines, prices, and ambiances. Archer Road takes you into Gainesville where you can find just about every chain restaurant your heart desires. Midtown offers restaurants right across the street from campus that you can visit between classes and study hours. The downtown area offers numerous locally owned restaurants that will satisfy your every craving. Gainesville has established itself as one of the best cities for new businesses, which is shown majorly in part by the local restaurant successes.

College provides some of the best experiences you will ever partake in. Football and basketball games, student organization events, Dance Marathons, socials, and recreational activities name a few. These events are spent with friends you will make, and where are friendships most commonly made? Over meals shared together. Food brings people together. Taking your date out to dinners creates relationships. Grabbing lunch near campus with a classmate creates friendships outside of the classroom. Meals allow us to bond over stories and tastes. They allow us to catch up with one another and to plan activities together for the future.

Click here to begin your dining walk around Gainesville. There are many restaurants you won’t want to miss!

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