Kayla's__Portfolio Im a special cookie

Week 1

Left: Natural Lighting, Middle:self portrait, Right: Unique expression

Week 2

This is supposed to be a 3 part story showing the circle of life and great stress when that circle doesn't finished things go wrong. The colors dimming and the pencil broken shows a sign of stress.

Week 3

This is me posing and showing the feeling of funky anger in a strange/weird way.

Week 4

This is my portrait of my cats since my mom is being petty and is trying to sell them, I feel like when it comes to my family they know whats going with me the most and they are always there to comfort me unlike some people in my family I actually care, and they actually are willing to be near me.

Week 5

My social issue is going to be suicide prevention, I feel like now more people or going through some type of problem and some take these things lightly even when most consider it to be a problem. I consider it something to be difficult and even though i'm not really...depressed nor suicidal, I just it still impacts me when it comes to people dear to me like family or friends, even if i just see it. Like it still hurts to know someone who still had something that loves them including a whole life ahead of them and they just, end it because they are happy. I might not even know the person but when i can connect my feelings to someone from their family its really deep how much that cuts into your heart. I don't even know how to express this in words but it really needs to be stopped. So many wonderful people are falling victim to it and its just devistating to even think about.

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