LCFC in the Communiy Photography Sessions A partnership project with Pedestrian and The Cedars Academy

Following the ongoing Covid-19 situation and subsequent lockdowns, LCFC in the Community are providing online creative activity for young people from schools in the local community.

Through five photography sessions lead by a professional photographer, a group of young people were supported in developing visual skills and knowledge using a smart phone cameras. Young people wanted to learn techniques to help create short videos and photographs for use on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. They were taught basic photography skills through tutorials that made use of free apps and technology housed in most mobile phones which they can continue to use following completion of the sessions.

Below are examples of the images that were created.

"Photography is a story that I fail to put into words."
'Photo Bingo' Digital Collage, EM
"Photography is a way to escape."
'Photo Bingo' Digital Collage, KW
'A Big Splash' - The group used burst mode shooting to freeze the movement of objects falling into water.
"Photography helps you see beauty you wouldn't normally see."
'I'm Looking Through You' - The group used backlighting techniques to create silhouettes and also household objects to shoot through and frame images.


Created with an image by FreeCreativeStuff - "old retro cameras"