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They say marriages are made in heaven. But the reality of following the dreams is captured in the power of the wedding pictures. As a candid wedding photographer, I consistently aim at blending my individual style of photography with a unique mode of post-production.

It's all about capturing those glances...

...and moments

The fun and frolic...

The drama...

and the excitement...

Shooting the grandeur of an Indian wedding is beyond breath taking. Unquestionably, the glory and splendor are overwhelming with distinctive rituals and ceremonies spread over days. As I step in to pursue the essence of this grand and colorful event, I look at creating unique frames catching up on the emotional moments of the couples with their families.

Indian Weddings are very detailed and keeping that in mind, starting from the pre wedding shoot to capturing the vibrant nitty-gritties on the wedding day, a photographer’s vision works overtime. Therefore, oftentimes I choose to go beyond the quintessential confining rules of photographic composition to bring out some of the most strikingly dramatic images. Down the years, looking back, the couples feel the memories never faded away.

My candid style of shooting weddings is an amalgamation of photojournalism and glamour photography. There is so much that goes into an Indian wedding that every image tells a story.

Shooting the bride’s ensemble, her make-up to her kanyadaan, or the antics and the melodrama in the wedding, or the stolen glances and budding romances, every precious moment gets a feature.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

The pre wedding shoot offers the would-be bride and groom a great way to let their hair down before the D-day. At a time when the soon-to-be-wedded couple is running through a lot of emotions and anxieties, a pre wedding shoot counts up to the emotional value of the entire event.

The couple illustrates their love as I let them be themselves and capture their natural personalities.

A portfolio emulating the fun, grace, chemistry, beauty and love between the two in the years to come.

Getting Almost There

Indian wedding photography has emerged beyond the bounds of button-down images of simply the customs and ceremonies and a bridal boudoir shoot highlights exactly that. While I think a notable reason backing the inclination for a boudoir shoot might be to celebrate the day a bride feels and looks the most beautiful, it is more importantly the documentation of the exclusive and empowering experience of being a bride. The shoot mirrors her elegant glow from within as she celebrates her beauty on her big day.

It's a special day for the groom too.

Fun Group Portraits

Fun group portraits are an indispensable ritual in every wedding I shoot now. As a candid photographer I make certain that there are ample opportunities to have photos with everyone the couple loves around them. While I am at it, I stay clear from the typically banal images where everyone stands together and says cheese. Instead, I hanker for the essential in-the-moment images of everyone having an incredible time. I focus on the ‘feel’ they are seeking in their group portraits and do whatever it takes to accomplish it.


Abounding in traditional customs and rituals, any Indian marriage ceremony is by and large a glorious and magnificent affair spread over days. As a wedding photographer it’s a tad challenging not to miss every compelling and touchy event that symbolizes an Indian wedding. The essence, however, lies in getting the decisive moments.

Indian wedding rituals have an element of fun in their fabric which invariably leads you to candid moments.

The frames that I capture are the crucial moments of the events, created without a posed appearance. You can say that these events offer a great breeding ground for a candid photographer as this is one time he gets the entire family to be at their natural best.

Musical Evenings

Amomgst all the wedding events, the sangeet or musical night is the most highlighted and prominent of all. It's sheer grandeur is quite a replica of any Bollywood Awards night. Why I love to shoot it is for this very reason that it lets me fulfill my ambition of shooting a mega movie awards night someday.

It stands to reason that, to encompass all that glitz and glamor, innovative lighting and dramatic stage design in one frame, poses a mighty challenge for the candid lens. However, I thrive on such challenges where I have to judge and shoot on the go and anticipate the decisive moments. Even though the act is rehearsed by my lead protagonists, constantly keep me on my toes. For me, that’s where the thrill lies !

The Wedding Ceremony

The whole wedding ceremony is a continuous medley of emotions for the couple as well as their families. And eventually when that auspicious moment of sitting in the mandap arrives, it is one of the most dominant emotional moments for all.

Personally, for me this is the most intimate shoot in more ways than one. There are several veiled emotions at play – the chants of the priest, the bride’s joy of being with her love forever, the contrasting emotions of the parents and finally the emotional goodbye. Every bit of these micro ceremonies hold such profound connotation, that its entirety is a fulfilling experience for me.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Wedding Films

I ventured into wedding movies for the sheer thrill and adventure of moving images. I confess that it allows the storyteller in me to perfectly express myself at diverse sensorial levels. Starting with the detailed shots of all the emotions and fun around, choosing the music to the candid interviews, a wedding movie will never let those memories fade away.

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Click link below to view film
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Click link below to view film
Click link below to view film

When a precious moment is captured, it becomes priceless. Years later when we reminisce with our loved ones, we see those images and relive the times that will never appear in our lives again.

Therefore they say, a memory is the most beautiful gift you can give another. As a candid wedding photographer, that’s precisely my aim. When a couple is touched by their wedding pictures, I am moved. That’s the feeling I cherish.

For me, professional photography doesn’t equal to paid photography. Rather, it’s my passion where I strive to deliver a great passionate product consistently.

To conclude, I feel that, with the given advanced technology, delivering great candid images is nothing strenuous. But candid wedding photography is way beyond that. It’s about the correct timing and how far I keep my eyes peeled while I am at work.

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