Advertising Portfolio By Kshitij Garg

Sell And Spin: A History Of Advertising

  1. Persuade human beings
  2. It motivates them
  3. Begins of the 20's People spent $450 Billion on Advertising
  4. They are moving series of images through culture
  5. Creates Desire
  6. Coca Cola is the second most famous or recognised word on earth because they spent so much money on advertising.
  7. A brand can change the consumption of the product
  8. Leo Barnett creates personality of products also known as branding.
  9. Marlboro is a Cigarette company which has created a personality called Marlboro Man.
  10. The Marlboro company sales increased by 3000%
  11. The more you advertise the product, the more the people will get interested in it.
  12. If the product doesn't look appealing then people will not even think of buying it.
  13. Spending a lot of money doesn't always mean it till catch peoples eyes.
  14. The first english advert was published in 1480
  15. How did he attract an audience? Repeated the image of the product and repeated the tag line which made the audience look at it and also consider about it. Whenever you have a headache you will eventually think about that product.
  16. Why specifically is his Volkswagen campaign so commonly cited as an example of outstanding advertising?


Media Saturation: When we are bombard with adverts.....3000 a day according to the documentary that was over 20 years ago!

Branding: When a product represents (Lifestyle,Personality,Identity,Values,Quality,Look)

Objectification: The seeing and/or treating a person, usually a women, as an object. In the representation of women, This is often sexual objectification.

Gender Roles: For women roles are often limited to housewife or sex object. For men roles are often represented as the breadwinner and being served by women.

Dismemberment: Cropping and fragmentation of the female body in media images which encourages objectification. Often this is the legs or parts of the torso.

Female Representation In Advertising

Male Representation in Advertising

Metrosexual: A neologism to represent a changing economic trend in male shopping and representation dating from the 80's.

Women's desire and attraction are muscular men with abs and a good body. Therefore from this photo we can see that the representation of the man in the advertisement has a good body. He has blond hair with spikes and blue eyes. He is shirt less to look better.

The shot is especially taken on the upper body and the lower body is covered. Its to grab more attention on the upper body. He is posed in a way which looks more sexual.

The is a United States Of America's flag behind him which represents national identity, it means he represents United States and he is American. Abercrombie and Fitch is an American company as well.

These advertisements represent a Cigar company and also maltesers. In the advertisement a women is smoking sitting on a tennis net, neatly dressed.

  • The Children are the most vulnerable to advertising because they attract the audience by their cuteness, There can also be objectification.
  • Cigarettes are very strictly regulated because it's harmful for people’s health.
  • If adverts are not regulated then the harm is that the people will give misleading information about their product. They won't tell people about the harmful effect of their product.
  • No misleading information
  • Clearly provide the harmful effects of the products
  • No offending people or their religion
  • No Racism
  • 5) It doesn't pass my set of regulation because it shows racism and skin colour.

This film by Anna Winston was banned because its not suitable for kids, it's horror and kids could follow what the people are doing in the film which is dangerous for them. Children could take wrong steps in their life.

I think the nightfest promo was banned because there was a person drinking alcohol which is inappropriate for younger generation because they could follow their steps since they are immature and naive.

The valentine advert was banned because in the video there were two girls who were lesbians and they were getting too close to each other which is inappropriate for young kids.

  1. 1,513 complaints, The complaints were that the ad was offensive. Many complainants thought this was due to the man’s clothing and dance moves and because they believed the content was overtly sexual. It was not upheld


  1. To champion a greater share of voice for women in the media

Investigation Ad Agency

Advertising agencies have clients: What is the purpose of a pitch in the agency?

The usual way an agency gets work is through a pitch. A pitch is an audition, with the client giving a brief to a number of advertising agencies, and choosing the one that best resolves the brief. Of course, it doesn’t always work that way (see The Pitch TV show), but for the most part, this is how agencies are paired with clients.

Everything is problem/Solution driven: Explain who has the problem and who comes up with a solution in the context of the agency?

The ad agency is there to solve problems for its clients.The client is there to present the agency with its problems, and when it needs solutions. The types of problems and solutions vary greatly depending upon the client’s business and the ad agency’s area of expertise. How this is done is different from agency to agency, but the basic steps are more or less the same.

The process of creating Advertising campaigns: Create a flow chart to represent the process involving the client, the account manager, The creative team and the creative director.

  1. As a account planner you would need to discuss about the business problems in the advertising agency and develop ideas to make the advert better without flaws. You need to research and also strategise your ideas. You need to be focused and also good at researching because you need valid points which would have a effect on the advert. Account planners communicate with colleagues within the agency, such as creatives and account managers, in the process of developing a campaign.

As a copywriter you need to understand and write the text of advertising and also you need to sit with the client and tell them about it. You also have to develop ideas and plans, it can also be done with the art director. You need to amend mistakes and make them better. Presenting ideas to the group and client and familiarising themselves with their clients products and services. You also rectify grammatical mistakes and errors. Keeping up with the modern generation and trends.


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