GenYes Period 6

We flew the drone as a lesson and the drone was very interesting the fly and he a lot of cool features to it. We got to fly the drone around the campus and got to use different types of drones.

This is a picture taken by a drone!

This picture shows the greenscreen and what it looks like, we made videos with each group member with a different background.

We did a unit on Doceri and the different uses of Doceri. We used it as a whiteboard and showed each of our hobbies.

What Doceri Looks like when you click shapes!

We made a google site and showed the basic steps on how to make one. We showed the different uses like how you can change the color, change the banner, add pages, and much more!

What the Icon looks like!

This video shows the basic use of powtoons and how you can create a slideshow showing different messages.


Created with images by Lalmch - "computer macbook tablet" • DroneImagineNation - "drone aerial technology" • Harald_Landsrath - "meadow aerial view drone"

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