Natalie & Dave's Wedding November 29th, 2016

At the ceremony

The reception...

"Wait, I know you... you're the one who released a thousand red admirals on that train to Barcelona, right?"

The parents of the bride...

"You are the sunshine of my life."

"I was there when you drew your first breath..."

The girls are back in town...

"Here, drink this..."

"She's been taken up..."

"Where's your other hand, Bren? Oooh, naughty!"

"Okay everyone gather round. It's time for the Ritual of the Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows..."

"So, to paraphrase, Nihilism suggests that life is without objective meaning, which Nietzsche characterized as emptying the world, and especially human existence, of meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, and essential value; succinctly, nihilism is the process of "the devaluing of the highest values".

"It didn't take me long to realize I would never get high enough that way, so I tried a different approach."

"Did I tell you how your father introduced me to Talking Heads?"

"See ya 'round, Lynn..."

"And then he said, 'The batteries were given out free of charge.'"

Strike a pose...
Mitch being creative with Samsung

"You hit her on the head... I'll drag her to the car..."

"Then we'll take her to the forest under a full moon..."

"Wait... when do we chant 'Double double toil and trouble?' "

"You are the sunshine of my life."

"Let's see... 258 times 2.59 divided by the square root of 64..."

Precious girl...

The very happy (and it would seem relieved) couple...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and the huge head... sorry Lynn, it's the lens!). That was such a terrific atmosphere there, people were in such good form after the beautiful ceremony.

"Alright, ninety five!"

"Shall I sing for you now?"

"And how long did you have to wear the Ebola suit?

"Where's the bar..."

"I told her this wasn't a trekkie convention but she insisted on the boots."

"He said... Why don't you tell me when you have an orgasm?"

"She said...I would, but you're never there."

Family, new and old...

"Yeah Bren, I believe you've been successful with your experiments. But, scientifically speaking, there is nothing to suggest that it is possible to re-animate dead tissue."

I know some stories about these two... ;-)

"A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world. The woman says, 'I'll miss you.'"

"And this is the German wing of the family..."

"Hmmm, I'm not so sure..."

"If you don't get your boot off my foot it won't be 'yippee' you're saying..."

Time flies when you're having fun...

"Oh Max, I loves ya!"

"Believe me, I've taken in the first dozen sacks myself, it won't take you long to bring in the rest..."

"Okay, when I say go, the three of us will make a run for it..."

"I have one just like you at home..."

"If you don't point that camera somewhere else I'll..."

"No, it's okay, I'm not too hot..."

"The creep that was sitting right here? That was me!"

"Kiss me, you fool..."

"Ah would you go 'way outta that, Brenda. You're way too young for me..."

"Don't move, I've caught my earring on your necklace..."

"Why does Trump want to ban pre-shredded cheese? To make America grate again. Ba-boom..."

"This is my son, Ben. Don't be intimidated by his youth and good looks, in twenty five years he'll look just like us."

"So what happened to the upper part of your dress? I've a needle and thread in me bag if you need it ;-) "

"Maybe I can still catch the six o'clock train..."

"And I remember distinctly, he said the fumigation pods would be no more than fifty quid!"

The beauties that couldn't be with us - Mai Mai & Kate

"We're all here... how long has it been?"

"I've been substituted for that one in the stripes..."

"Hold on, they never said anything about removing our clothes!"

"Carley, where are your tablets?"

Say Oglifonglidon...

"Okay, we'll leave - no need to call security!"

"I see the operation went well then, Lynn?"

"Okay, enough of that, where's the grub?"

Sweet Natalie & Willie

"Just smile, that's a gun at your back!"

"The moment you've all been waiting for. We're finally related."

"Did you drink the glass with the label "Drink me" on it?

"I'm so glad I brought Rufus..."

Fun to be had in a wheelchair...

"Yes, but he never said anything about the droppings..."

"Just over there in the main foyer... they're still cleaning it up!"

Sorry beautiful Emma - you're out of focus (proof positive that alcohol and technology do not mix...)

"Need to experience everything through the safety of a lens, do you?"

"It was HUGE, I've never seen anything like it in my life!"

Bride and mother of...

"And then she said, I don't understand - isn't focus automatic on modern cameras?"

"Gorey train station, get onto platform 3. The train leaves at 11 o'clock, and arrives at Hogsmeade station at one. From there you take a carriage drawn by thestrals to the castle..."

"Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says "I've lost my electron."

"The other says "Are you sure?" The first replies "I'm positive."

"Of course I do know other jokes that have nothing to do with science..."

Alcohol levels in my blood were obviously rising... not a sharp image in sight!

So many lives lived so differently then colliding together after so many years...

"At least I think it was a Glaucus Atlanticus. The Pacific variety have a much larger horn."

Beautiful children, growing up...


copyright Anne McGlynn 2016

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