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I believe you have a unique brand! My goal would be to keep your content consistent, organized and professional. Below are the examples of the type of posts I would create for your brand. These posts woul be streamlined throughout all of your social media channels Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook buisiness accounts!

Event promotion!

I will create promotional material which include flyers like the one above for any engagement you are apart of! Whether you are the main attraction or just appearing, you now have access to a graphic designer that will create an unlimited amount content for you! You also don't have to worry about being the sole promoter for your events because I will be posting the content for you!

Quotes with relevant images

You are a very inspirational person! Using to quotes motivate people can lift their spirits especially in the mornings. All quotes designs will be original content!

Standard Image Post

Reinstating who you are and what you do is very important when gaining new followers. Every so often it is good to remind people what your brand is, have done, and what you set out to accomplish!

The types of posts are all suggestions based on what most people request! Via email you will list everything you will need your brand to convey and I will create and post the content for you!

In conclusion, what I am offering is consistency and content. It is needless to say how important it is to keep your social media presence relevant and engaging! However, in this digital world it is hard to keep up! That's what I am here for!

Pricing option 1: One post for three days out the week on all social media platforms. $50

Pricing option 2: Two posts for three days out the week on all social media platforms. $75

Pricing option 3: Three posts for three days out the week on all social media platforms. $100

Pay options: week to week or monthly. Invoice will be sent via email. Communication in regards to requirements, feedback and weekly expectations will also be conducted via email for notation purposes. The option to speak over the phone and video chat is also an option!

Additionally l: I am a Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer and Website designer! All of these services are accessible to you at a discounted rate! You now have one stop shop media hub!

Accounts that I currently manage include: @tea72_ @scottschmaren @carbonkleanllc @lovehandletv

"The best way to get started is by starting." - Gary V.

Thank You!

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